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Ultra MAGA sounds so cool

Patriot Retort: Just how bad is this White House at messaging anyway? In an effort to make the America First agenda sound radical and dangerous, the Biden administration decided to dub it “The Ultra MAGA agenda.”

I don’t know about you, but Ultra MAGA doesn’t make America First sound radical and dangerous; it makes it sound awesome.

The America First Republicans could spend millions trying to come up with the perfect slogan, and still, nothing would come close to being as awesome as Ultra MAGA.

Thanks for stepping on that rake, Joe!

Sure, it sounds like a sports drink or a men’s antiperspirant. But an Ultra MAGA sports drink or antiperspirant would have the coolest ads. Hot, sweaty, muscular men with rippling abs. Oh, Mama.

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  1. ULTRA MAGA, I want me some of dat.
    Way better than a basket of deplorables.
    Way to go, Brandon.

  2. Ultra MAGA,!!

    Now that’s a way to party.

    Not just MAGA. Not MAGA lite. Not even Double-MAGA… Although double-barrelled MAGA has an appeal.

    Let’s go Brandon! You pervert quisling dementia ridden corpse.

  3. Democrats are Ultra MAGGOTS.

    The U.S. Constitution is Ultra MAGA. (At least it was before the 16th and 17th Amendments were ratified.)

  4. Ultra-Maga Condoms
    Ultra-Maga Cigarettes
    Ultra-Maga Capacity Magazines
    Ultra-Maga Match Grade Precision Ammunition
    Ultra-Maga Hunting Arrows & Broad Heads

    Hey, Maybe Jackass is accidentally a Marketing Genius!

  5. Yep, it’s ‘Anti Maga’ to not control immigration. It’s Anti Mega to not have auditable elections. It’s Anti Maga to not enforce laws. Dems are ‘Anti Maga’


  6. Please Joe double down and say Super Extreme Ultra MAGA+(plus), that would really insult us. I think I’m starting to cry and want to yell at the sky. Oh wait, that’s them when you don’t properly relegate someone to their assigned box in some stupid LGBTQIA2S+ acronym. Heck, that’s a serious pound me in the ass prison time crime in some places now.

  7. this was taken from page 146 of the new white house cookbook ‘100 ways to prepare and serve malarkey’
    “sometimes you just have to swallow”



    (If you don’t know what “MAJESTIC 12 or “MK-ULTRA” are, you’re off the squad!)

  9. He thought the nickname, “Maga King” was pretty cute too then the right and Trump took it and ran with it.
    I can see the ads now for Ultra-Maga anything.
    Can’t leave women out of this.
    Ultra-Maga woman packing firearms or waving the American flag.

    I got some of those car badges that say, “Let’s Go Brandon Edition”.
    Now I want some that say, “Ultra-Maga Edition”.

  10. They actually paid to get Ultra Maga or Maga King?! This is even better than Hillary using the term ‘deplorables’. Elise Stefanik has already embraced the term. Even democrats that actually voted for old Joe would like a big dose of MAGA these days.

  11. We can call burning windmills & coal-powered shitboxes the “Let’s go Brandon” editions! 😆

  12. Search the internet for “ultra maga”. After you get through all the libtard press articles about it you will find people already selling T-shirts and hats!
    OK people – Let’s make the libtards squirm in what they created! Buy your ULTRA MAGA products NOW!

  13. In comparison, Brandon is MASA king. Making America Suck Again. I think this is summer of recovery number 8 for him.

  14. Right on, ULTRA MAGA!

    meanwhile, FJB Joe Buffoon Biden (and his comical scriptwriters) is MALA = MAKE AMERICANS LAST AGAIN

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