UMass-Amherst Protesters Demand New College Seal Because Bows and Arrows are Racist

UMass-Amherst students are protesting their school’s seal, claiming it promotes racism and violence, because it depicts a Native American holding a bow and an arrow.

While the seal does depict an arm holding a sword, protesters have taken issue with the Native American man centered in the logo. The Indian can be seen standing in the center:

The allegedly racist and violent seal
The allegedly racist and violent seal

“We do live in occupied, colonized land,” said student organizer Charlotte Kelly, who called the logo “offensive.”

She continued, “This land had been a part of indigenous communities before it became the University of Massachusetts. And for us to be capitalizing and using a Native American figure as our seal seems really hurtful and violent.”

Ms. Kelly also had problems with UMass-Amherst’s mascot, the Minuteman, because it is a gendered male:
The protesters at UMass-Amherst are also demanding “more recruitment of students of color” and “gender-neutral bathrooms.”

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  1. Indisputable proof that a diploma from UMass is absolutely worthless. Parents, you can save a whole lot of money by simply going to Staples and having a document printed that certifies your child is an imbecile.

  2. Yes, of course, cause “the Native American man” got his rabbit, squirrel, bison & peccary meat to feed his family, clan & tribe from the local Bureau of Indian Affairs government supermercado. Grew his maize @ government collective farms.

    Willfully ignorant, state school sponsored, pure bullshit at its ignorant best.

  3. We know all colleges are run by the left. What did you expect.

    So this new guy is only going to wright about college?

    I was at college in the sixties. They are all lefties.

  4. If successful (I pray not), this whore will next attack the Seal of The United States. The Eagle holding an olive branch and a claw full of arrows. dumbutchbitch.

  5. Change the name of the team to “The Transgenders.”

    Make Brucelyn Jenner the mascot.

    Problem solved. Now all the little snowflakes can go back to preparing for their Womyn’s Studies final

  6. At the rate these cry bullies are going Native American culture will be completely forgotten because soon it will be a crime to even mention them or depict them in any way. And the ironic thing is that it isn’t even the Native Americans who are “offended”. It’s some upper class “princess” twit who thinks that she speaks for them.

  7. Oh Charlotte Kelly, maybe you’re just saying that because the logos are red and you think about the blood coming out of your whereever.

  8. I knew it was a matter of time until the scum up the hill at Amherst ran down the sewers to UMASS. I have a student there and will be writing the school.

  9. UMess crybabies at it again. Of course, the administration sides with these nitwits, because most of the administration is composed of aging hippies who have turned one college after another into ivy covered North Koreas when it comes to freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of thought.

  10. Send them off to colonize the moon. Presently, it’s not occupied or colonized so have at pioneer. Oh wait, that word is probably racist .

  11. I suppose the administrators are humoring these asshats promoting their ideology, leftist ideology to see what comes of it.

  12. Just once, I would like a college administration to tell these shitheads: “you know, maybe UMass just isn’t your kind of institution, we think you’d be happier elsewhere. Buh bye.”

  13. She speaks for minorities as long as she doesn’t have to see them or associate with them. However, there are two of “those people” at the country club. Mummy is always conscous to tip them to show how progressive the family is.

  14. Since the indian, shield and banner are part of the state seal, I doubt they are going anywhere.

    Although Miss Rottencrotch’s class of second graders successfully lobbied to have the arrow removed from the “pilgrim hat” that is the mascot of the Mass Turnpike…you know how “sjw” those second graders are.

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