Ummmm… uhhhh… Carry on

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  1. Just think, in about 20-25 years, 75% of grandma’s will have Tramp Stamps….

    Oh! She’s wearing tightie-whities as a top!

  2. Both of Joe Biden’s supporters leave his latest rally deeply satisfied. He allowed them to play with his leg hair.
    For long time.

  3. If guys sleeveless T shirts are called wife beaters are women’s sleeveless T shirts called husband beaters? And it looks like she’s wearing a very extra large pair of upside down whitey tighties on her backside. Wonder what kind of support that gives for her boobs up front. Was she she too cheap to buy a bra that she borrowed some fat guys underwear. Geez, the tramp stamp was bad enough. Guys if you see this broad run away as if your life depended on it, she’d strangle you and give you the worlds biggest wedgie at the same time with those underwear.

  4. Maybe she’s under the impression that they’re the size of Buttcheeks (is that one word? Should I spread them apart?) so she thinks its a win-win.
    Five bucks says she sticks her head through the hole her dachshund chewed in this, her husbands favorite pair.
    I bet she wore a fluorescent tube top at every Journey concert that ever came to the great state of Arkansas

  5. Why is it that only Mr. big starts threads like this?

    Certainly never the cultured, discrete and educated MJA…

    Time to adjourn to the upstairs reading room. Nighty, night…

  6. Imagine being the tattoo artist??

    His contract must have been “I want to see as little crack as possible!”

  7. ‘Certainly never the cultured, discrete and educated MJA”
    Oh, now that’s funny right there. 😀

    Anyway, do they MAKE those things for sale? Or is there some kinda sad arts and craftery going on?

  8. The only thing that would make that worse is if there was a yellow stain on her back, and a brown stain where her head pops out.

  9. I’m not done yet Huma, I know for sure they want me this time.
    Now slow down and wait for me, my corns are hurting.

  10. We use to have to go to the Walmart to see that here in Seattle, now we see it in the 7 11, just today I saw a gal with PJ’s and slippers on at a QFC at 5:00 picking up dinner.
    Hell in a hand basket is where we are.

  11. Bman
    DECEMBER 5, 2019 AT 8:15 PM
    “Just think, in about 20-25 years, 75% of grandma’s will have Tramp Stamps….”

    DECEMBER 5, 2019 AT 8:20 PM
    “It started as a butterfly on her neck.”

    …there’s a short song about this. Wanna hear it? I knew you did…

  12. Hey Lazlo, leave the poor little dachshund out of this! They are bestest doggies on the whole planet, right after the Belgian Malinois

  13. That butterfly hoes got on their bumper when the Crazy Town song came out in 1999 entered a cocoon and came out a moth.

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