UN atomic agency helping guard Rio Olympics from ISIS terror attack

USDefenseWatch: EXPERTS from the United Nations have sent state-of-the art detection equipment to Brazil over fears suicidal terror nuts will target the Olympics with a devastating ‘dirty bomb’.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has loaned hi-tech radiation monitors – including personal detectors and portable scanners – for use on the ground throughout the Games.

Brazil’s anti-terror chief has already admitted there is a ‘credible threat’ ISIS will target Rio next month and said ‘numerous measures’ are being taken to prevent any attack.

Counter terrorism director Luiz Alberto Sallaberry said the threat had increased dramatically in recent months due to attacks across Europe.

He also pointed to a rise in what he described as the number of Brazilian nationals suspected of sympathising with ISIS militants.  MORE

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  1. What would Brazilian nationals have to sympathize with ISIS over? Brazil is a failed state with a history of bank defaults, economic unrest, government corruption, and suspiciously getting rid of its own people (street kids). Wouldn’t a dirty bomb help them on all levels? Clear out a couple overpopulated barrios, draw in millions of dollars in sympathetic international aid, help galvanize the West against ISIS. I know, I’m a conspiracy nut.

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