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UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators To Charge Teslas Being Used As Shuttles

ZeroHedge: We’re not sure we can think of a better analogue for the lunacy behind the climate change hysteria that what is reportedly going on in Glasgow. 

As many people know, the Conference of the Parties (COP) Climate Change Conference, hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy, is taking place in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12. 

One blogger from Brighton wrote this week that attendees from the conference will be staying at Gleneagles Hotel.

He wrote that there’s 20 Teslas at the hotel to shuttle people back and forth to and from the convention, which is about 75km. 

Then, the kicker. Since the hotel only has one Tesla charging station, diesel generators were contracted to help recharge the Teslas overnight.  more here

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  1. One diesel shuttle bus would use less fuel than a diesel generator to charge 20 Teslas.
    Assuming that the generator is sized to accomodate them at the same time, you are talking about 1 Megawatt generator which is roughly equivalent to about 1500Hp or so. Cut that in half and you’re still using more fuel than a shuttle bus!

  2. Different Tim
    OCTOBER 16, 2021 AT 6:07 PM
    “Next up! Big electic fans to keep the windfarms going 24/7.”

    GAS POWERED fans.

  3. They didn’t say where the Teslas came from – probably flown in on special transport planes from the Tesla factory.

  4. Old news.

    In the UK they have Trucks that tow large diesel generators to Charge the Bricked Electric Welfaremobiles.

    (Don’t give enough of a shit to submit the photos)

  5. The typical “climate activist” is the kind of person who thinks water comes from a tap, heat comes from a thermostat, and electricity comes from a wall outlet. These assholes are shallow, willfully ignorant drama queens. They’re morons. The have no clue how anything actually works and they don’t want to know because that knowledge would get in the way of their self-righteous, public emoting over the non-issue of “climate change”.

  6. Pathetically sickening;

    Liberal, commie democrats have “NOTHING” of substance so they are reduced to creating problems where no problems can be found.

    They have to perpetuate BULLSHIT in order to maintain their own existence.

  7. @TRF


    Corporate Welfare

    Tesla could not operate without government subsidies that pay for all the electrical charging stations that would other wise not exist. Federal, State, & local Governments (AKA the Taxpayer) give grants & tax breaks towards purchasing the vehicles, creating charging stations, & altering local electrical utilities to support these LUXURY VEHICLES.

    Tesla model S = $115,000
    Tesla model 3 = $45,000 Canuckistan dollars with $6,000 rebate
    Toyota corolla = $20,000
    Camry = $27,000

    shit like that…

  8. They could have proven their integrity and honesty by walking, bicycling, or taking a bus to their stupid conference. But no. It’s what I expect from these Al Gore minions anyway.

    OK, they’ll take the heat.

  9. Why didn’t they get some of those electric-powered electricity generators?
    Or aren’t they in production, yet?

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. What they are waiting for is human-powered electricity generators. Take a bunch of people who have no other skills than going up a stairway, and get them on the inside of a wheel contraption that has steps. Like a hamster in a hamster wheel, all they have to do is keep walking. The revolving wheel creates energy which can be captured and turned into energy, thus powering the Teslas. This is the same way the ancient Romans got their cranes to lift heavy stones to much higher than street level.

    Yessir, those ancient Romans knew all about sustainability and keeping the earth green,


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