UN Demands Illegal Aliens Get ‘Equal Access’ to Healthcare

Breitbart: The UN World Health Organisation (WHO) is demanding Europe create “culturally sensitive, refugee-friendly healthcare systems” which provide equal access to public health services for third world migrants “regardless of their legal status”.

In its first report on the health of non-European migrants living on the continent, WHO Europe cites “xenophobia” and “sovereignism” — the defence of national sovereignty — as “major” barriers in the way of establishing “refugee- and migrant-friendly healthcare systems” across the entire region.

According to the globalist heath body, which says it is “making progress in implementing its goals”, Europe should provide “quality and affordable health coverage as well as social protection for all refugees and migrants regardless of their legal status” through systems which are “culturally and linguistically sensitive”. more here

15 Comments on UN Demands Illegal Aliens Get ‘Equal Access’ to Healthcare

  1. ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS can have access to a south-facing catapult. 😡

    The UN can have access to a short pier… 😡 😡

  2. I am suprised there has not been an AIDS outbreal at UN bldg. in New York. They import boot fookers from all over the world. Kick the mortar forkers out of the US.

  3. …I’ll go THIS far with “linguistic sensitivity”…

    …I’ll happily say “Fuck you, get out” in whatever language produces the speediest result…

  4. “They do have access to healthcare…been to any hospital ER lately?”

    …yes they do, and the hospital spends a TON of taxpayer money to try to try to accomodate them, and even THAT isn’t enough sometimes, @ RickeyG.

    There was one time we took a guy from a factory to the ER of the local, large hospital, part of a very large network of hospitals. He had injured himself because he didn’t understand the machine he was running because he only spoke something called, phonetically, “Twi”. The company had hired him because, cheap, and they hired his partner at the same time who spoke both Twi and – sort of – English.

    When this guy was at the hospital, since he was conscious they had an immediate “informed consent” issue. The hospital has a card with a long list of available translators on it that did them NO GOOD with THIS guy. They have an EVEN LONGER list of translators available to them, but could…not…find…one that spoke Twi.

    Eventually, they had to surrender and bring in the other guy from the plant who spoke Twi to be their translator.

    The upshot is, on just this ONE item, they spent a TON of money and wasted a TON of time, and at the end of the day, it was STILL not sufficient.

    Now translate this to every culture having its own restrictions on what medicine can be used, what procedures can be performed, whether a male doctor can look at a female patient, etc., and you can see the TRUE “Benefit” of multiculti…in your tax bill.

    …This is why we USED to do the “melting pot” thing. It’s just too Herculean of a task to adapt to HUNDREDS of OTHER cultures, so we have to have SOME commonality SOMEWHERE. Reject THAT, and we can no longer live together.’

    Simple as that.

  5. This sounds like a good job for volunteers – aren’t there organizations with Drs. that go all over the world?
    Just go to Europe; most of those people are there now anyway.

  6. …how ’bout equal access to a brief proctological probe with a pointy-toed boot? I think we can pull something together for that…

  7. Gee, UN, why don’t you first demand that from their home countries? Then maybe they won’t have to be ‘migrants (who aren’t, since they never leave) and refugees.
    Oh, yeah, that would be common sense, and we all know the UN hasn’t any.


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