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UN Experts Want To Outlaw LAWS

The class of weapons called Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) has UN experts on conventional weapons concerned enough that they are working on banning the development of this next generation of defense technology.

Nagging questions remain, however. Which weapons qualiify as LAWS, protecting legitimate civilian uses of the technology, and whether nations capable of developing the technology should willingly give up their technological advantage.


I look at how the world has done with nonproliferation of WMDs and think that advanced nations have a responsibility to develop and deploy LAWS to protect the rest of mankind.

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  1. They can take that law and roll it into a giant suppository, bend over and was glad to shove it up for you as high as it will go,

  2. UN experts, a definite oxymoron. very similar to military intelligence. Who in the hell does the UN think they are. The only entity worse than the UN is NATO. A acronym for “no actions to occur”. These so called experts can stick their opinions up their collective asses.

  3. The UN seems to be a collective of underachieving mediocre nations that would rather the advanced / overachieving nations pull themselves down than figure out how they can rise to a higher level.

  4. All I had to see was that the UN wants to ban ____ to know it’s a stupid idea. The only ones who would accept this ban are the beta-males and she-men of western Europe and Canada.

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