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UN Official Demands Reparations For Slavery, Colonial Rule and Discrimination


The U.N. human rights chief on Monday demanded comprehensive reparations be made to compensate countries that have suffered what she called the deadly legacies of slavery, colonial rule and racial discrimination.

Former Chilean Socialist President Michelle Bachelet presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council a report she hopes will change the definition of racism and highlight its impact. More

27 Comments on UN Official Demands Reparations For Slavery, Colonial Rule and Discrimination

  1. Fine.

    As a decendant of Irishmen, I await my reparations from the English with great anticipation.

  2. Ain’t ever gonna happen SNS. How about reparations for all the innocent victims of the Nazi’s and the communists etc. for the millions of people they killed during the previous century, that’ll never happen either. This is another totally absurd dumbass idea to come out of the collective minds of a bunch of brainless twits at the UN.

  3. The African Nations benefited the most from slavery! They were able to unload millions of their unwanted drudges and made a goodly profit while doing so! They blatantly sold a faulty and defective product and the purchasing parties should be able to return that product for a full refund + for damages and interest accrued over 400 years!

  4. Throughout history, more white people were sold as slaves than blacks.
    You’re not special.

  5. The UN, as the “World’s Elite Governing Body”, is attempting to force Socialism/Communism upon all Nations.

    Rid the US of this corrupt scourge of freedom seeking people.

  6. “UN Official Demands Reparations For Slavery, Colonial Rule and Discrimination”

    ..then go make your demands to the Muslim nations, slavery is an article of faith to them, even the NAME ‘islam’ means ‘submission’, their pedophile prophet did it so it CAN’T be condemned, they have ALWAYS been the WORST offenders AND STILL ENSLAVE PEOPLE TODAY, so waddle your fat little UN bottom over to THOSE guys starting with Mauritania and working your way over to Iran, I’m sure you’ll be well received…

  7. You know what, Twatsky? I have a few demands of my own as an American citizen.

    First is get out my country.

    Second is get your hobnail boot off the necks of your countrymen. Check back later once you represent a free people.

  8. Gee, I wonder how many other countries will participate.

    Go spend your money and efforts on countries that decimated the slaves, (and still do).

    American slaves, (long since past), had better life styles than today’s black population that is held down by democrats wanton desire to fully control just how blacks vote.

    Back then, the blacks lost their freedoms in exchange for labor.

    Today, blacks have their freedom in exchange for being a slave to the democratic party.

  9. Aaaaaaaannnnnd the message here is:
    The United States Treasury is now fair game to everyone in the world!

  10. Shouldn’t they first have to end slavery, child labor, and human trafficking.
    Is China going to comply and release the Uighurs and others in their forced labor camps.
    How about Reparations for the Jews from Germany?
    The Human Rights Council commissioned the report during a special session last year following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis….
    Criminal died of an overdose, now a hero.

  11. Lemmee pop a half-dozen Dulcolax first – so their “reparations” are GOOD ‘n’ RUNNY!!! 💩💩💩

  12. Oh FFS, the whole history of the entire world if rife with slavery, colonial rule and discrimination. What is so fucking special about the fucking American black race that they have been designated the victim du jour. Almost every fucking country and society in the world can claim victimhood…except the United White States of America, because we’re the new kids on the block. Fuck communism.

  13. Excerpt from a previous post: In Jest……

    “I think I deserve reparations from England’s super rich, privileged, royalty for the way my ancestors fled England, were indentured servants, fought in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.”

    Many, if not all, of our ancestors made sacrifices and were taken advantage of in one way or another to live in the United States. They are the ones who rightfully should be receiving reparations.
    But they are no longer here.
    We, their descendants, are the ones who have received payment and benefitted by being fortunate and blessed to be citizens the the United States.
    Reparations? How about we be grateful and acknowledge those who faced adversity so we could be free?

  14. …sure would be nice if folks stopped obsessing over where they came from, and spent the time worrying about what they are NOW and where they’re headed LATER instead…

  15. sure would be nice if folks stopped obsessing over where they came from, and spent the time worrying about what they are NOW and where they’re headed LATER instead…

  16. SNS … Truly ironic considering that people really don’t give a shit about real History any more!

  17. @ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS

    “…sure would be nice if folks stopped obsessing over where they came from, and spent the time worrying about what they are NOW and where they’re headed LATER instead…”

    I agree, BUT they gotta have the exaggerated past (where they came from) to demand welfare entitlements NOW. And trust me, they don’t even think about where they are going LATER.

  18. And lets look at Muslime countries where slavery is still going on today,

  19. Since the Dutch were the middlemen for most of the slave trade, maybe this commie bint should go have a chat with the people in Brussels.

  20. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Fine. We’ll see your “reparations”. But we’ll take back ALLLLL the advances that we (as white western civilization) have bequeathed to the rest of the world: advanced medicine and surgery, flight, petroleum products (oil, gas, plastics, etc), automobiles, chemical fertilizers and farming procedures, food preservation (beyond drying and “jerking”), trans oceanic cargo ships, “freedom”, I’m sure you get the idea.

  21. America has been the major support of the UN for over 70 years. Were it not for a liberal named Dole the UN would at best be a weak, small leftist front in France. At worst (for Buhes NWO) it would be history!

    Ronny tried for 8 straight yeras to stop forcing Americans to finance UN. Reason #45 why I did not vote for Dole!

    Were it not for leftist GOPe the UN would be something most of you learned about in history! GOP liberals are very bad!

  22. As a descendant of Celts, Scots, Irish, Cherokee, and some other mongrel shit, I demand reparations from EVERY-FUKKIN-BODY! The Italians, the Swedes, the Danes, the English, AND the Americans!

    No checks. Cash (US$), Gold, or Silver.

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. We should demand reparations from the UN for 60 years of unpaid rent

  24. I recently learned that Napoleon sucked the life out of (ie, crops, horses, livestock) one of my ancestral homelands when prepping for the invasion of Russia. Apparently, it took Hesse two generations to recover with untold numbers of Germans starving to death

    Accordingly, I hereby demand that President Macron exhume the body of Napoleon and deliver his skull to me on a silver plate. Im a reasonable man, I understand that Germans totally effed up France over the course of three wars, so Im not asking France for money


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