Uncensored Micah X, Dallas Shooter, Death Picture

Yes, I wanted to see it.

Do you?

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  1. “Micah X loved puppies, was known locally for making dandelion wishes in the summer fields, gave adorable sunshine kisses to his mommy, eagerly looked forward to saying grace at all three meals, helped raise money for children’s charities by mowing neighborhood lawns, and was a regular volunteer down at the local soup kitchen to help disabled homeless people color inside the lines of their ‘Hello Kitty’ coloring books. He will be sorely missed.”


  2. Some may argue against the use of the robot to deliver the explosives that killed him.
    I look at it this way:
    Compare it to dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. What if they didn’t blow him up. They negotiated with him for a while and they learned that he wasn’t going to give up. Maybe they suspected he had bombs that he could remotely detonate, and they feared he would do it soon? Maybe they considered rushing him, but thought even more police would die?
    Just like Truman, whoever decided to use the robot in this case made the right decision.
    Not every situation may justify this measure.

  3. Stop sending Negros down here already!

    A bunch of them are starting a fiery protest group here called #BurningBlacksMatter. I just know they’re going to stir up trouble.
    And that’s making LBJ very edgy.

  4. Bet you Dallas PD gets sued over using a bomb. The lawyers will claim cruel and unusual death or some crap.

    Incidentally, my sympathy meter is offline for some reason.

  5. Ah Shit! Was that the best they could do? They should have use a shit load more C-4 and blow him to fuck so even fukin allah wouldn’t recognize him.

  6. Ah! There you are FDR in Hell! Did you find a special place in Hell for your newest addition?

  7. Not gory enough. Looks like he’s still in one piece.
    What kind of cheap Chinese crap explosives are they using?

  8. Nice “Kaboom” pic – too nice. Unfortunately, a skilled funeral director could make him presentable enough for his dysfunctional family.

  9. From the account given by the Dallas chief, the guy wasn’t going to give up and would have attempted more murders on his way out. It was all they could have done. Still, it’s a terrible day when gov’t officials are blowing their citizens (as bad as they are) up. Not something I want to get used to.

    #BLM must be stopped. The facts do not support their claims and they are now a foil for the NBPP, Islam and any other garden variety psycho out there. And there are plenty.

  10. I didn’t see any sign of pig skin/guts, c’mon we need to get serious with these 7th century inbred bastards.

  11. @Moe Tom: I bet about right now his Mom is wishing she had gone ahead and gotten that abortion. And the $500 check from Crimestoppers that would have come with it.


  12. what’s all that crap wrapped around his chest?…..what are all those boxy looking things and metal looking things around him?

    he does not look all that BLOWN UP to me…….and i have a nephew, blown up in iraq, who kept the top of his skull in his abdomen for six months, so i kinda know what BLOWN UP looks like…..

    still, all in all, rest in peace, good and faithful bomb-bot……you will be missed……

    but hopefully, quickly replaced…..

    but these days, who knows?

  13. He’s got some mighty big lips there! No breeding for him. The Dindu Nuffin Tribe is missing a member. Phone home and tell us how it all turned out for you.

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