Uncle Al Soothiness Pick

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  1. Nice selection UA and Fur. We really need to get back to more genuine and simpler times – even if for only seven minutes.

  2. Great music pic and video. My Dad was a fisherman. Saltwater only but gosh I remember going fishing every weekend and take a kid fishing trips in “The Bronx” for that matter! Great times to relax and have fun. Boy, what really matters in life! I miss my Dad and those times!!

    Gob Bless us all!

  3. Now THAT’S mighty soothy, Loco. I’m going to have to listen/watch some more of Bic Runga’s work. Nice-nice-nice.

    And here is another quick hit of guitar soothiness, this time from Dick Rosmini.

  4. very nice picking … 2 guitars or 3? … I’m sayin’ 2 very talented pickers

    … very nice pickin’ … thanks UA

  5. Thanks Al.
    I used to travel internationally and one of the better perks was all the music I was exposed to.
    Australia, Germany, Italy, Chile, Poland, Thailand, etc.
    I always rented cars and would scan the local radio.
    BTW, you wouldn’t believe how much the UK loved Cher!

    CD shops were everywhere. All airports had a ton of selection.
    One anecdote, I was flying to Taiwan and a movie on the backrest was playing multiple times. It was the 2000 version of Bedazzled (Harold Ramis) with Brendan Fraser and (woo-hoo) Elizabeth Hurley.
    Anyway, the closing tune was “Change Your Mind” by a band I had never heard of called Sister Hazel. I loved that song so the next showing (long flight) I watched to see who the band was. It turns out to be a band from Gainsville Florida, (I lived in Fla) though I had no way of “internet” searching them.
    I checked into a hotel in Taiwan and took a jet-lag nap!
    I awoke at midnight and was hungry but figured everything was closed.
    BOY was I wrong! I walked down the street and it was like Mardi Gras!
    There were vendors selling cooked creatures of every kind.
    If it moved, they would fucking barbeque it on a stick!
    Anyway, I found a CD store and they actually had the song and album I was looking for by Sister Hazel. It was called Fortress, their second album.
    I bought it and have been a fan of theirs ever since.
    They do a “Rock Boat” cruise every year since 2000.
    I went on one in 2014 and had the time of my life.
    Good music is indeed wonderful across this large world.

    PS, Bic’s album “Birds” is really good.

  6. @Μολων Λαβε — John Fahey was purely a solo performer. That’s one guitar.

    Dick Rosmini has string bass and rhythm guitar side men, but the picking is Rosmini by himself.

  7. 50 years ago… I still have my beltless Akai R2R tape deck that still works like new! Same with the Ampex 300. In fact most of my stuff is that old or older and works pretty darn good… except the body.


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