Uncle Punchy


See how this guy ended up this way HERE

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  1. Ooh, ooh, I know… He and he friend were stanning at an ATM, and then they follow these guy and ask he for a ceegarette, and then he reach een they guy pocket to take he wallet, and…
    Choke Choke Choke, punch punch punch, (take a break while Mr Gracie tweet about giving him a good beating up) punch punch punch and VOILA… He got his very own “Racoonie”!

    (Gee I hope he never reads this and come to kick my azz for making joke about he accent!)

  2. Someone copied Renzo Gracie’s “racooning” technique, modified and improved it. Let’s call it “zombieing.” Derivative but effective.

    Such is art.

  3. Based on the accompanying story, the only comment from the alleged victim was that his advances on her – while he was clothed and she butt naked, is that it was not “consensual”.

    Something is not adding up here. They are having a New Years Eve party and the nephew leaves the party sometime between 11 – 12:30?

    The nephew returns and hears moaning and the door to his bedroom is locked from the inside. He kicks the door open and Unc is welcoming his girlfriend to the family.

    If he heard moaning, why was he not hearing “help me! help me! no! no!” Do rape victims not do that anymore? They don’t want to disturb anyone else at the party? And no scratches on the uncle from his sweetheart defending herself? He may have but the story didn’t quite say that.

    Or, she got caught in the act and said – of course I didn’t mean to cheat on you in our bed. Yes, officer. He was assaulting me.

    Without a picture, I cannot say if it was worth it. Something doesn’t add up here.

    They both could have been drunk. She could have been paralyzed with fear if he was assaulting her. Hard to tell from the story.

  4. That looks like a quarter-pounder without the bacon and cheese.
    At least when ground meat like that gets here, they’ve been cleaned up by the undertaker and the embalmer.

  5. Actually, Franklin, that looks more like Fala’s butt in ’42 when he got worms and impacted anal glands during the summer at Hyde Park. ūüôĄ

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