Under Biden, Dollar Tree is $1.25 Tree -Now They Stopped Selling Eggs – IOTW Report

Under Biden, Dollar Tree is $1.25 Tree -Now They Stopped Selling Eggs


Dollar Tree has pulled eggs from store shelves over prices skyrocketing, the company said. 

Egg prices have increased by as much as 60% in the last year, prompting the popular discount store to pull eggs over not being able to make a profit, Reuters reported.

The majority of merchandise at Dollar Tree sits at $1.25, though the store also has other items for $3 and $5.

“Our primary price point at Dollar Tree is $1.25. The cost of eggs is currently very high,” company spokesperson Randy Guiler said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Despite the eggs getting pulled, they will likely return to shelves when “costs are more in line with historical levels.”

22 Comments on Under Biden, Dollar Tree is $1.25 Tree -Now They Stopped Selling Eggs

  1. Although I haven’t seen any in about year, my local Dollar Tree used to sell cartons of 8 eggs at that price point, brown eggs from someplace local. Of course, we have been plagued by shrinkflation for years. Halloween candy is a perfect example; 2 years ago the package held 10 bars, last year it was 8, and just last Halloween it was 6, same size bars.

    But still beats eating bugs.

  2. Under Barky, we all imagined t.p. with the Preznit’s image on every square.

    Under Shitpants*, imagine how much paper his cleanup crew needs because he’s such a stand-up guy. The paper may as well be all the shitdollars he’s printed .

  3. I don’t believe them. They stopped selling eggs because of theft.

  4. Will a lot of Easter egg hunts be canceled this year because of the high prices of eggs? Or will colored plastic Easter eggs be the norm this year. Winco is finally under $3 dollars a dozen for a dozen eggs and Wally World has them for under $2.50 a dozen.

  5. When I was growing up, it was the “Five and Dime”, or Dime Store”. Then it became the “Dollar Store”. By the time Pedo Joe is done, we will be calling it the “$5 and $10 Store”.

  6. I’m finding this Time Delay Lag between back when the egg events were peaking (6 weeks +) and this story now.

    Somebody is pulling something.

  7. Round these parts eggs went from $1.09 to $4.15 which is around 250%.
    I don’t know where that 60% figure came from, but certainly not from around here.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I paid $2.89 last week for a dozen jumbo eggs at the regular grocery store, seems about right. That’s for jumbo, not the more typical large size.

  9. Just heard . . .
    92 Year Old Rubort Murdoch is In Love and getting Married.
    His 60’s Year Old Wife got a Big Diamond.

    We get an Anna Nichol Arc

  10. No problem komrades, I feel you. Your president with the shit in his pants has ruined your dollar worldwide.

    Soon you go to RubleTree or YuanTree or DinarTree. And they will accept the MIRcard so you don’t need chip implanted.

    пожалуйста (pozhaluysta),
    your friend Vlad (currently criminally charged)

  11. @aircubed, theft sure but raw eggs down your pants? You first.
    Then, this is all Trump’s fault, he removed all price protection on eggs. Or back to reality could just be the bird flu, looks like they got coofed too.

  12. Pants? That’s cute.
    Backpacks and masks are the tools of the trade these days.

  13. Since a bit equals a quarter, 25 cents, ten bits equals $2.50 cents now. Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, all for bidenflation stand up and holler FJB.

  14. Geoff: Actually a “bit” is 12-1/2 cents, so 2 bits is a quarter.

  15. ^^^ So 10 bits is $1.25.
    We went full circle.

  16. Control the food, control the people.

    I live in a semi-rural area and chickens to buy are really hard to find.

    But hey, weed is legal now.

  17. Not mention here about worst bird flu and nearly 60million chickens put to death. Try science when voodoo doesn’t work..

  18. Within the past 2 years I paid 69 cents a dozen at Aldi.

  19. Wish they were here, sorta
    The first Mask Nazi I encountered in the wild was in lidl carolina
    Will take the Lidl, leave the carolina

    PS: Good Chocolate

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