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Under the Hood – How Does an AR-15 Work?

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  1. I thought this was common knowledge, but ok.

    I also thought that people who rode motorcycles carried tool kits and spares of commonly failing shit, and knew how to wrench. I also thought that people who drive airhead VWs carried spare parts, a decent tool set — including a timing lamp, and spare shit like belts, tappet adjusters, bulbs, fuses, wire and crimps, spare clutch cable, spare throttle cable, and shit like tire plugs. And a fucking tire pump.

    And stay the fuck off my lawn!

  2. Erik, there is a lot of common knowledge there. However, my wife doesn’t grasp it as easily as some of us so this made her AR make more sense to her. Doesn’t make her a gunsmith, but everything helps.

  3. I make the damn things out of solid billet. That was a journey. Don’t let the Nazis know, but yea, it’s a superior weapon and I totally approve of this post.

  4. I started in the telco with a Triplett 630, which they called the Brown Man. It left a bit to be desired. Then we stole some 8455s. Not much better. But they were more gooder.

    I found a 630 in an antique shop just this week. I was telling Ian that was the meter we were issued when I was a new telephone man. I was excited. Ian didn’t give a shit. But Jennifer said, “I remember that one!” Jennifer was telco, too.

  5. Brad: if you can’t sell them to us then it didn’t happen, never could happen and won’t happen….I have the FFL owner waiting to hear from you…

  6. I was quite surprised to see the description and images of the autosear. AR-15s don’t have one, and unless you’re on, say, the Department of Education SWAT Team and are issued an M-4, you can’t have one.

  7. Very well. That’s how an AR15 works. I set of a shitstorm the likes of which seldom seen when I posted to a local hunting site that the guy who claims to have some super secret bla, bla, bla and yak, yak, yak and a preachment, dear friends, you are about to receive on John Barleycorn, nicotine and the temptations of Eve.

    These shysters don’t have anything that anyone who can follow directions and bake a cake from scratch and pay attention to detail lacks. I’ve been working on them since ~1992 and the design and engineering makes it so that the quality of the barrel pretty much determines the accuracy they are capable of. The upper receiver being true and square determines if it will shoot where it’s pointed. The quality trigger will determine how accurately it can be shot and most shoot better than the nut behind the trigger. If you use American made parts groups you are unlikely to ever need any spares. If you are going into battle and it must not fail, stake the castle nut. Use a high quality stock of your preferred configuration and you are good to go. American made quality buffer assemblies and buffer tubes rarely, if ever fail. Follow directions and pay attention to details and there is nothing more than can be done.

    I have a reputation for putting together highly accurate ARs. I don’t know, they do as well as anyone else’s I guess. Better than most, but not because I do anything but follow directions and pay attention to detail.

    AR15s are assembled by armorers, there is no gunsmithing involved in 99% of them. The only part that is the least bit tricky can be tuning the gas system. But it’s usually no big deal.

    The sign on the door to my shop reads: If you pass through this door and intend to be impatient, negligent, stupid, irresponsible or lazy – Go ahead, it won’t matter. People like that are unworthy of owning anything of quality and wouldn’t appreciate it anyway.

    Now, if the conversation is regarding assembling a fine single shot or bolt action rifle from its component parts, that’s a horse of a different color.

  8. Willy. Me and the better half decided to keep our heads down for a while on the firearms. CalDoj was snooping around WAY to much. We developed a lot of really good product around that platform. We need to get the hell out of Cali. A couple things in the way. When we do another run of receivers I’ll make sure you get a set. It’s actually much easier for me to sell out of state than in. When I can I’ll take care of you.

  9. That’s very gracious of you Brad. I’ll gladly buy one from you……My dog, Tex, is currently getting his AR from another manufacturer. It will be his first….

  10. Guns are icky. That’s why I don’t have any. 🙂

  11. Basically, what got cut out of what I am saying above is that if a person can follow directions and pay attention to detail, and owns, or has access to a few specialized tools and gauges that the finished product is a function of nothing more than the quality of the components (ingredients) that go into it.

  12. Dude, are you considering the nut on the buffer tube a Castle Nut? Is that what you’re staking?

  13. That is the one. I don’t stake them, but ARs I work on not going into battle. I’ve never experienced one come loose on its own, but a guy who spent his career in the Marines working on them told me they staked them to be double extra certain they are going to stay where they are unless and until they need to be removed.

  14. Actually, I gave Eugene Stoner his engineering ideas …

  15. Thanks. I enjoy these. The engineering the developers figure out is fun to see.
    I just shoot and clean. My son does repairs and parts if ever needed.

  16. Nice, I didn’t know an AR-15 could fire by itself.

  17. I din’t not see the bullet button … y’no … t’make a machine gun?

  18. How Does an AR-15 Work?

    Same as yer AR-13 Jack!
    (Checks watch)
    Wheres my billion dollars?

  19. I’m not very mechanically inclined so that video was helpful for me to see what my AR-15 is doing when I shoot which I think is important.

  20. Everyone should just switch to the AR-10 platform.
    I mean, the number is smaller so it should make the numb-nuts know nothings happy.

  21. I swear that’s the same voice that made 16 mm training films in the ’70s. This guy must br like Weyoun, and he’s Weyoun 99

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