Underaged Illegal Suing For An Abortion

Our government has detained a 17-year-old who is here illegally and is pregnant. She is currently being held at a facility in Texas for immigrant children (she entered the country alone) and is seeking an abortion. Authorities at the facility are refusing to let her see an abortion doctor or take her to one. Now the ACLU in Northern California filed suit against the facility with a federal judge in San Francisco to force them to provide her access to an abortionist.


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  1. Oh, yes. Let’s keep her pregnant in detention, so a New American can be born in America, and make it impossible to deport it’s illegal family. Why didn’t an Obama appointee think of this?

  2. She sues for not being given an abortion. Or she sues because Trump doesn’t want ‘dreamers’ and she felt forced by the eviiiiiil Trump to murder her child.

    She wins either way.

  3. I’m not sure what her life was like back in her country but regardless her deportation paperwork should be filled out right away and she be sent back to her native country. In a way I really weep at this. Having the baby down there could be a sentence of death (honor killings aren’t just in India and Pakistan) or of a life filled with pain and hardship as a single woman trying to raise a child. Having said that western countries (America in particular) cannot be seen to provide abortions to every woman whomakes it across the border.

  4. Her lawyers won’t release information on what country she originated from. Perhaps the state should see her through to birth, put the child up for adoption and send her back to Latin America after she’s had the kid.

    As close to having cake and eating it too as we’re going to be able to get.

  5. Drop her from 10,000 ft. over the Sonora w/o a parachute – problem solved!

    Abortion, immigration, illegally-invading rat-person, free-shit groper, welfare maggot, generational welfare maggotry, 25 votes for Demonrats in every precinct in America, 200 years of bitterness over being given free shit, salmonella in the lettuce – all of it!

    izlamo delenda est …

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