UNDERCOVER: Late-Term Abortion Clinics Exposed!

Our biggest undercover video yet. We go to an abortion clinic in Colorado to expose the truth about late term abortions — a truth the left, and media, do not want you to see. –StevenCrowder

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  1. Just so sad to listen to.

    Only a monster would elect to consciously destroy their own offspring as a matter of convenience.

  2. Yep, I was pro choice…once. And then I saw the film “ Silent Scream”. It’s on you tube. I posted the link on another website, but the censors removed it. So much for my opinions and so much for truth and free speech. Late term abortions are evil, and like today’s MSM , they’ support it.

  3. It’s a powerful documentary short. Crowder did a good job.

    Here is a “powerful” article from Esquire Magazine a decade ago about Warren Hern, the doc Crowder is so dismissive about:


    The article was written shortly after Hern’s friend, Dr. George Tiller, was shot to death, in church.

    The article is very well written, powerful in its own right and, as usual, life is not so simpleminded and cartoonish as many often want to believe.
    …..Lady in Red

  4. This evil is apparent to us, but not to those who have become their own gods who mistakenly believe they can decide for themselves what is good and what is evil. No amount of Crowder videos – or any other kind of engagement – will convince a darkened intellect. We must fast and pray.

  5. Horrific on any level…What about the Father’s rights? How does the law overlook his rights? Where does it say he doesn’t have any? If as a society we passed laws that require the dad’s permission before an abortion, we could save nearly half of those murdered in the womb…

  6. I think this exchange I saw on FB, pretty much highlights the brain of baby murder supporters and participants. Since they hate human life so much, I don’t why they can’t just do us a favor and go on to meet their satan father.

    Anyway this was a meme that killing a preborn turtle fine $100,000, year in jail. Killing a preborn eagle $250,000 fine, 2 years in prison. Killing a preborn human zero penalties, applause from liberals.

    A girl? with first name Haley, ” I mean those species are endangered because there’s too many humans so”
    (Several people start commenting to her)
    So that’s your justification?

    Haley, Sure why not

    I guess we all have to tell ourselves something so we can sleep at night.

    Haley, i mean I’ve never told a woman what she can and can’t do with her life so I sleep pretty comfortably

    But please tell me, endangered or not, you see the.difference between an unborn turtle and an unborn human baby?

    Haley, killing endangered animals is illegal, as it should be. a woman making her own decision about her own personal situation is legal, as it should be.

    you mean murder, it is what it is

    Haley, it’s so sad that old men are knocking down poor, scared women who obviously felt there was a reason she couldn’t go through with carrying a baby. Shame on you. You never know who in your life has been through something like this. Whether you believe abortion is murder or not, shut up and leave people alone.

    Someone being sarcastic said, So I care more about animals than people, so…

    Haley, girl same lol there’s too many of us I wanna see more turtles

    So are you glad you weren’t aborted?

    Haley, my mother should have aborted me then I wouldn’t have to feel the guilt of my life endangering the lives of animals.

  7. Skank in Red is all broken up about her abortion doctor getting murdered.

    Skank in Red you won’t have any problem finding another one. Just go down to your nearest Democratic convention center

  8. What about the Father’s rights?
    That that would have been covered in Roe vs Wade!
    46 years later after condoned murder is legal, now wanting more to be to an extended term, Father’s rights are not even considered, never were. Men were absolved with Roe vs Wade, women have the cross (s) to mentally bear with it.

  9. Scripture says in multiple places and in a myriad of different ways that GOD will HAVE COMPASSION on THOSE that HAVE COMPASSION. Seems to me a lot of people are in for a very rude awakening when it’s THEIR TURN to be VULNERABLE and, for many of them, that will happen SOONER than they might’ve ever have antipated. Not for anything would a SANE PERSON do such imcomprehensible things.


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