‘Underwear bomber’ files lawsuit over prison treatment

Geller Report:

“Abdulmutallab claims that stints in solitary confinement and other measures ‘severely restrict his ability to practice religion’ with fellow Muslims.”

Shouldn’t that be the idea? His religion is what landed him in prison in the first place: “‘The jihadi is proud to kill in the name of God and that is exactly what God told us to do in the Koran,’ Abdulmutallabmaintained during a guilty plea in October 2012.”

Why should his murderous beliefs be reinforced in prison?  More

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  1. Get a cement storm drain section about 40 ft long, 20 ft diameter
    Stand it on end on a prepared section of concrete slab (plumbing stubs, etc.)
    Through a laborious process (everything gets lowered down from the top), outfit the inside with a toilet and shower, and a small covered shelter that is climate controlled from the outside.
    There is a slot to pass food and written messages to and from the guards and his lawyer.
    That’s it except for cameras mounted on top.
    He is left entirely alone.
    No one speaks to him.
    If he wants friends he can invent them.
    He can thus enjoy the rest of his sentence

  2. Brown Eyed Girl- “And if the judge is liberal the bomber will absolutely prevail.”

    And then they’ll have to move him to a prison that has enough islamists to satisfy his requirements for a ‘group.’
    If he can talk about his religion, and they are meeting his dietary requirements, he is being more than accommodated. What he does in his own head is his won business. His crimes necessitate that he be removed from society, that is all that is going on. He just doesn’t like rotting in a cell. Tough.

  3. Because Muslims are so busy converting low-IQ inmates (and have been for 50 years), we should put ALL muslim prisoners in their own special prisons. You know, so they aren’t contaminated by “infidels”.

  4. I am waiting to read about the guard cleaning his weapon when it sticks and fires every round in the magazine
    while he was showing it to the prisoner. The guard should be punished by having a week off.

  5. If he wasn’t incompetent, the bomb would have went off, and he would have self terminated his ability to practice his religion on that date. Remind of that date as his self termination day from any further practice of his religion.

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