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Undocumented Abortion Performed at Chicago Highrise

I really don’t know what the big deal is. This is simply an “undocumented” abortion.

Newborn baby girl is ‘bludgeoned to death and dumped outside an apartment block in Chicago with her umbilical cord still attached’

Shocking discovery: A man visiting his girlfriend was shocked to see the child in the middle of a fall storm outside of the 800 block of West Eastwood Avenue (pictured). CBS reports that that man thought the baby was a naked doll at first and was horrified to discover it was the corpse of a new-born

  • A man discovered the dead child outside an apartment complex late on Wednesday night and at first mistook it for a naked doll 
  • The man rushed the baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached, inside of the apartment complex and called 911
  • Police say the baby died from blunt force trauma and ruled her death a homicide
  •  Dawn Geras of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation says the mother could have taken her baby to a safe haven like the hospital nearby

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8 Comments on Undocumented Abortion Performed at Chicago Highrise

  1. Gee. Abortions are practically free now, what’s the problem?

    You can take a baby to a fire station, a church, a police station, hospitals, gas stations, even some malls have a program. Even the feed stores and some 7-11’s take in babies near where I live!

    Crazy bitch.

  2. I do believe that special Gaurdian Angles will take them back to
    God for safe keeping. This is just so terribly wrong.

  3. There are very few things more evil than killing an innocent child.
    That is why this country is falling apart.
    The people responsible for this action are no worse than those who hire others to kill their children.

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