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Unemployment Numbers Just Surged Much Higher Than Economists Were Expecting

Western Journal:

Facts became an unwelcome thorn amid the Biden administration’s rosy predictions of economic recovery Thursday as unemployment took an unexpected jump.

Despite hopes from the U.S. Department of Labor that initial unemployment claims would drop by a fraction of a percentage point last week, claims rose 10.2 percent instead, the department reported in a news release.

In raw numbers, initial unemployment claims had been expected to dip by 432 and instead rose by 37,174. more

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  1. That must be the economists who were told to soft-pedal it by this total joke of an administration! Economic recovery my ass! Remember when Jackass Joe bragged about “Recovery Summer” back in 2011? Well that was when he was just the Jerk in Number One Observatory Circle. Now that he’s in the White House it will be even worse!! Buckle up Buckos, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  2. Meanwhile, everywhere I go, there are signs “help wanted”, including government offices. We drove through a California Agriculture Inspection Station two weeks ago, and even that had a “help wanted” sign! It’s pretty bad when you can’t recruit people for what is essentially equivalent to a Walmart greeter, with high pay and great benefits. I wonder if they are recruiting for any of those LA county $300k lifeguard jobs?

  3. A chooch behind the wheel, four flat tires and the throttle is stuck wide open… Whoa baby, this is gonna hurt!

  4. It’s all in the Biden Democrat plan to destroy the US.

    Biden’s foreign, domestic and economic plans have all tanked, inflation is squeezing Americans and this Dolt wants to raise our taxes and take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

    A weak, demented, feckless leader being led by obama’s rejects.
    How will it end?

  5. Cato – You give Jackass Joe too much credit. He’s a stooge and a tool. I doubt that he really knows to any great detail what is really going on. All he knows is what they put in front of him in the form of notes… and only for the moment he’s reading them. We should be focusing on the communists behind him!

  6. Horseshit

    Let me fix that headline:

    Unemployment Numbers Just Surged Much Higher Than “Economists” Were Expecting

  7. I wish I could be 100% wrong at my job all the time and keep getting paid and quoted in the press.

  8. What!
    The experts were wrong again?
    Wrong or lying?
    There was a time when being wrong all the time could have dire consequences-time for the pendulum to swing back.

  9. Trump explicitly said it’s all going to go south if you totally go fuck up as you usually do. Well, America just did that big time.. A steady stream of voting out progressives throughout 2010, 2012 2014, 2016, and all of a sudden oust stead and totally in charge again just like that are the Marxists.

  10. America is a policy driven hampered market. Keynesian policy is the driving philosophy. It’s mercantilism.

    Your money isn’t even money anymore. It’s all trust.

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