Union Sues Trump For Telling Fed Workers To Stop Doing So Much Union Business On Taxpayers’ Dime

DC: A federal workers union sued President Donald Trump Wednesday over an executive order limiting the amount of time federal workers can spend conducting union business on official time, Bloomberg reported.

Trump signed the order on May 25 with several others prohibiting federal workers from collecting pay for time spent lobbying the government, charging rent to union workers using federal office space and directing more aggressive union contract bargaining.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) filed a complaint over the order in a federal court in Washington, D.C. The union is asking the court to block one of the orders because it violates the First Amendment and separation of powers, according to Bloomberg. read more

7 Comments on Union Sues Trump For Telling Fed Workers To Stop Doing So Much Union Business On Taxpayers’ Dime

  1. Gee, what a hardship, limited to only 25% of their time spent on union “business”. Quit whining, bitches; that still leaves 75% of your work week for surfing porn!

  2. When I worked for Gubermint my union had one and half fellers (representin’ 300 employees) workin’ full time on my behalf.

    Heck of a way to run a railroad!

    Couldn’t even collective bargain wages and such. But let me go out and have 3 beers for lunch and they got my back.

  3. Had the misfortune of being temporarily assigned to a DoD outfit in Springfield, Illinois. The place was so horribly mismanaged that union membership was 100%, morale was at zero, highest turnover rate ever witnessed.

  4. They should only be allowed to spend 10% of their day on Union business.
    Do whatever else you need to do on the weekends.

  5. Government should not have unions period. It’s a cush job to start with. Even George Meany (former AFL-CIO Prez), and FDR said so. Now you have utter paralysis because they’re untouchable.

  6. A fucking “Federal Union”, ie; an organization that strives to suck even more $$$ out of long-suffering taxpayers, should not even be in existence – let’s shoot for that!


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