Unions’ Focus on Woke Over Work Rankles Rank and File

NTD: Los Angeles school teacher Glenn Laird has been a union stalwart for almost four decades. He served as a co-chair of his school’s delegation to United Teachers Los Angeles and proudly wore union purple on the picket line.

But Laird is now suing to leave UTLA and demanding a refund of the dues the union has collected since his resignation request. His turning point came in July 2020 when the union, the second largest teachers union in the country, joined liberal activists to demand that Los Angeles defund the police in response to Black Lives Matter demonstrations. MORE HERE

5 Comments on Unions’ Focus on Woke Over Work Rankles Rank and File

  1. “President Cecily Myart-Cruz”

    …uhh, I think I see where your problem is….

  2. “When school children start paying union dues, that ‘s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”—Albert Shanker, AFT President 1974-97.

  3. The Iron Workers of America Union went on strike at the local Exxon refinery, one of the nations largest. Exxon retaliated by locking them out and are now in the process of hiring contractors to do their jobs. The union is screaming foul. I’ll bet that the vast majority of those same union members voted Democrat.

  4. Public union leaders and the politicians that support them, (Mostly Democrats) should be tried and jailed under RICO laws. They continue to disregard the SCOTUS ruling 0f “Janus vs AFSCME,” in their attempt to squeeze dues out of members who no longer wish to remain members.


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