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United Nations Socialists Reveal Their Plans For Mass Migration “For the Good of the Planet”

The Guardian-

This year, governments will negotiate a global compact on migrationthrough the United Nations. This will be the first overarching international agreement of its kind. It will not be a formal treaty. Nor will it place any binding obligations on states. Instead, it is an unprecedented opportunity for leaders to counter the pernicious myths surrounding migrants, and lay out a common vision of how to make migration work for all our nations.

This is an urgent task. We have seen what happens when large-scale migration takes place without effective mechanisms to manage it. The world was shocked by recent video of migrants being sold as slaves.

Grim as these images were, the real scandal is that thousands of migrants suffer the same fate each year, unrecorded. Many more are trapped in demeaning, precarious jobs that border on slavery anyway. There are nearly six million migrants trapped in forced labour today, often in developed economies.

How can we end these injustices and prevent them recurring in future? In setting a clear political direction about the future of migration, I believe that three fundamental considerations should guide discussions of the compact.

The first is to recognise and reinforce the benefits of migration, so often lost in public debate. Migrants make huge contributions to both their host countries and countries of origin.


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  1. Kick that fucking entire compound off the continent and cancel their visas.

    Go live in what you created fucks!!!!

  2. According to the article, everything is “all about benefiting the migrant”.
    What about the migrant obligation to assimilate into the host nation and leave their politics, religion, and hatreds behind? What about the rights of the host nations to not overly burden existing citizens with undue costs? What about the security risks to the host nations?

    The article is a puff piece about how “others” have obligations to migrants. There is no balance with respect to the obligations of migrants towards host nations.

  3. I don’t understand why we need any “migrants.” We don’t know who is here now. We don’t have work for the people who are here now!!! Shut down the borders and figure out who is here and what these peoples plans are. If you are here illegally, bye bye.
    How does immigration help the Americans people? It doesn’t. It is a burden on our nation from every aspect I can think of. We need a merit based system that provides a positive change, not a negative change.

  4. If migrants from country A are so wonderful and beneficial to country B, why the hell is country A so screwed-up that they are falling all over each other to get out? If they are such great people, shouldn’t country A be a paradise?

  5. I should like to admonish the UN to read and comprehend the following articles before deigning to tell successful nations and cultures how to improve the power of the UN over others. The enlightened reader will understand that nothing the UN proffers is worth the costs borne by the UN’s targeted goals. Advice to UN: Go Pound Sand.

    How to choose better Immigrants

    The Moral Foundations of Society

  6. Somebody from Rhodesia may want to chime in on this insanity.
    If only the white people here would have their own children.
    20% say they don’t like it in the USA, what the hell is making them stay?
    Oh yeah, I guess all those other countries that vet immigrants have filled their need for people with ‘studies’ degrees.
    If there ever was a need.

  7. So if we are evacuating the entire middle east and large portions of Africa, including the tyrants that caused the mass migration, (that’s pretty fing shrewed) won’t the planet stop spinning? All the weight will be on one side. Even worse it might spin off center which would throw people into outer space. Have we researched this move

  8. Why don’t migrants just stay home and make their country the way they want?

    America and the now ruined European countries that have been invaded have worked hard to get to the stage they are, or were before being invaded.

    And the desirable countries have become what they are, through LEGAL immigration and assimilation, not by being used as a toilet.

  9. Nope.
    Plan all you like. Ain’t going to fly here. We can see videos of shitholes and shitholes to be, and we’re not having any of that.

  10. The UN is a shining example of why National Sovereignty actually exists.

    Said Sovereignty is what separates Civilization from Chaos.

    The utter hubris and arrogance of the UN is truly laughable.

    No Sane and Sovereign Nation gives a flying frig at a rolling donut about the UN because the UN is populated by a vast majority of thieves, liars, and savage barbarians (Apologies, I repeat myself). The only reason the UN exists it to act as a negative barometer or “wrong way compass”. Anything the UN ascribes to is exactly the opposite of what sane people ought to consider.

  11. Migrants with needed skills who want to become Americans are ok.

    However, we don’t need or want any more invaders, who only call themselves migrants, who only come here to finish Obama’s threat to fundamentally change America, into the hellhole they came from.

  12. If you’ve never spent 20 minutes on the NumbersUSA website please do.
    They have a few videos that clearly and simply explain why the West cannot salvage the Third World through immigration.
    ONce you see their videos they will stick with you forever and will convince you open borders are cultural suicide and should be fought strongly. (If you need convincing.)

  13. Another thumbs-up for NUMBERSUSA. Great organization. Best grassroots lobbying effort I’ve ever seen. In a few keystrokes you can be sending (free) faxes to Congress from their site.
    They have s number of excellent videos explaining, for those who are unsure or misinformed, exactly WHY open borders and mass migration cannot numerically succeed without completely destroying the “host” society.
    I’ve forwarded NumbersUSA videos to well
    meaning leftist friends. They’ve had their eyes opened. Great organization.

  14. Just because I’m a dues paying, card carrying, member of NAMBLA, doesn’t mean I diddle little boys. I have to be a member. To be able to have open dialogue with men who do. Diddle little boys. I need to keep my options open. To not diddle little boys. Ever. This week.

  15. @Blink January 13, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    > Migrants with needed skills who want to become Americans are ok.

    In a “republic” of more than 300 million people, of whom (pick your science) 20% are already “here less than 50 years — so, yeah, still foreign”, what skills are lacking? We already had a so not white, so not royal, so not “native”, that Constitutional “scholars” had to explain to the proles why he was even eligible to run for the office, already in country, to be anointed Emperor, a decade ago. What “skills” are absent to “need” even one, single, addition?

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