Universal Background Check, Other Gun Bills Pass VA Senate

Expect the battle to turn to the courts before the ink is even dry on Northam’s signatures on these bills.

Bearing Arms:

The Virginia Senate approved several gun control bills, including universal background checks and measures weakening the state’s firearm preemption laws Wednesday afternoon, bringing the bills one step closer to Gov. Ralph Northam’s desk for his expected signature.

Here’s a rundown of what passed, and where we stand.

HB2, a universal background check bill, passed 23-17 with two Republicans joining every Democrat in support of the bill. The legislation was amended in a Senate committee to apply only to sales of firearms instead of sales and transfers, and violators would face a 1st degree misdemeanor charge.

HB9, a lost and stolen firearms bill, was amended to extend the time gun owners have to report lost or stolen firearms to police from 24 to 48 hours. The bill actually tied 20-20, but Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax cast a tie breaking vote and it passed 21-20.

HB264, which removes the ability for online training for Virginia concealed carry licenses, passed 21-19. The bill was amended in the state Senate Judiciary Committee to re-insert language about NRA-approved training courses that had been stripped by the House of Delegates. MORE

8 Comments on Universal Background Check, Other Gun Bills Pass VA Senate

  1. If you have to have government permission to exercise a right it isn’t a right, it’s a government granted permission.

    And if the government has the right to grant a permission, the government also has the right to rescind at will if they choose.

  2. “Paging Claire Wolfe. Paging Claire Wolfe. Please pick up the red, white, and blue courtesy phone and tell us if it’s still too early to shoot the bastards.”

  3. @bill
    I second that motion.
    AND suggest another… How about a five year waiting period to vote in Virginia if you move here from a blue state, or if you come here for college and decide not to return to Yankee territory after graduation.


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