University Of Georgia Tells Students to Consider “Wearing a Face Mask” During Sex

SUMMIT NEWS: The University of Georgia has embarrassed itself after publishing a guide on its health website that advised students to consider “wearing a face mask during sex.”

Yes, really.

The document, titled ‘COVID-19 Considerations’, appeared on the University Health Center website but was removed a few days later following a backlash.

“Consider wearing a face mask during sex. Heavy breathing and panting can further the spread of the virus and wearing a mask can reduce the risk,” said the guide, which also told students to “avoid kissing” and “be creative with sexual positions that reduce close face-to-face contact.” more

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  1. They are absolutely panicking and it’s all about November 3. I heard them on national news tonight saying that every single person needs to wear a mask.
    Meanwhile, New Zealand is considering postponing their September election – because they had 4 new positive (but asymptomatic) cases!
    And the left says Trump wants to play with elections!

  2. With getting everything else so horribly wrong, what makes a university think they can give advice on sex?

  3. …the modern university “girl” also needs a lower-end mask to disguise “her” penis as well…

  4. I’m tellin’ ya, they’re not gonna be happy until we’re all wearing the Full Body Condom

    we need to start now on cornering the market on this … as a novelty it great for the college kids …. as a Plandemic ‘FU’ it’s perfect

    btw, actually accosted by a WalMart ‘security guard’ today for wearing my face diaper Abe Lincoln style

  5. @Answerman Cooper – Yeah, per Rodney, she was called a ‘two bagger’…two in case the first bag broke…

    Aaaah Rodney we miss ya!



    It’s really not going to work.

    You can’t even go to the cigar shop and be understood.


    “What the fuck did you say?”

    And all he heard was, “Blugblugblug!”

    So he asks, “What the fuck did you say?”

    And all you hear is, “Blugblugblug….”

  7. I can tell ya right up there were chicks in college who I wouldn’t have gotten within pokin distance of if I were wearing a full haz mat suit. They didn’t have any problem getting laid. You think anyone that ain’t afraid of that is the least bit concerned about COVID?

  8. I’m afraid to ask what PrEP” is and no way will I search that online. I’m certain it’s something deviant and gross, coming from an institution of higher indoctri…I mean learning.

  9. They’re not as concerned about the cornhole virus as they are about getting into your bedroom and taking control.

    I say ‘cornhole’ because it seems anyone with an ass hole is being screwed.

  10. I just see a mask and get pissed off. It’s becoming harder every single day to not ask people just how stupid they are.

    A few local schools have opened and now parents are getting on FB asking where to buy cheap masks because their kids keep coming home without theirs or where to buy masks that they will keep on or masks they can breathe in because their kids say they can’t breathe. Don’t send your kids to school and you won’t have to worry about it. I’m sorry I honestly don’t feel sorry for parents anymore who continue sending their kids to public school knowing what they know. We’ve already had our first teacher arrested for sending a kid nude pics, the parents are mad and screaming and can’t believe it happened to their kid. Hell, it should be expected it will happen to your kid.

  11. “Roll over on your back, now that we’re married I’d like to see you this time” ,,,
    Jeez,,, so 70’s

  12. I’m struggling here. I always got the old joke about two-baggers. But can’t quite figure out the humor in this joke. It is a prank joke, right?

    Why not just tell them to have a go at it, prison style? Or, what’s the other one? Oh yeah, glory hole style.

    Does anyone know the names and have pictures (without mask) of the U.Ga. geniuses that dreamed this stupid idea up?

  13. Conservative Cowgirl
    AUGUST 12, 2020 AT 11:24 PM
    “I’m afraid to ask what PrEP” is and no way will I search that online. I’m certain it’s something deviant and gross, coming from an institution of higher indoctri…I mean learning.”

    …It’s an HIV management and theoretical spread reduction drug that was created to allow homosexuals with HIV to continue to buttfuck other gay men and pretend it isn’t risky any more. I only know this because my cable provider, Spectrum, runs PSAs all the time for it with drag queens, men touching each other, etc., and tries to normalize mentally ill men dressing up like Ursula and spreading perversion and disease. It’s to enable sick, infection freindly unnatural behavior and promote a fully degenerate lifestyle, so of COURSE a modern leftist “university” is pushing it.

    …but sure guys, wear a mask while you’re fudgepacking another dude. That’ll help…/s

  14. JDHasty
    AUGUST 12, 2020 AT 11:13 PM
    “Probably would help the ugly ones get picked up before closing time.”

    …there are no ugly chicks after last call, as I remember it, but something happens to them by the next morning…

  15. U O G Students: Stay at least 6 feet apart if you’re going to have sex.

    If you’re not having sex, stay at least 6 feet apart.


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