University of Illinois Professor arrested for filming mascot supporters in bathroom

Campus Reform: University of Illinois professor Jay Rosenstein was arrested during a basketball game Monday night for filming the president of the “Honor the Chief Society” as he was using the bathroom.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Media professor’s documentary work has been featured on PBS, ABC, HBO, ESPN, and Nickelodeon. His most notable work, In Whose Honor?explores and criticizes the use of Native American imagery in athletics, largely through the prism of his employer’s former athletic symbol “ ,” which he has long sought to eliminate from campus.

Rosenstein’s latest film, however, received poor reviews from authorities. Ivan Dozier, president of the Honor the Chief Society, leads the campus and community effort to bring Chief Illiniwek back to the Urbana campus. Dozier attended the game against Michigan State University with Omar Cruz, unofficial student portrayer of the Chief, to rouse school spirit.

Dozier accompanied Cruz to the bathroom as he changed into the Chief’s regalia, and says Rosenstein followed the duo into the bathroom.  more here

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  1. They ought to treat this a sex crime and have the good professor forced to register as a sex offender. That should pretty well stop this type of atack.

  2. I guess He was trying for a sequel to “Prince of Tides”


    (Back to Toilet duties with that stinker)

  3. I remember a Rosenstein, he was permanent latrine orderly at Fort Gordon, Ga. years ago. I wonder if they’re related?

  4. OK, I get it.Dude is homosexual.
    They got bars,bath houses & clubs
    where he can go and do pix taking
    of men wee-weeing and vice-a-versa and not get arrested.
    How stupid do you have to be to try this
    crap in a public place ???

  5. This creepy Hebe has been dogging my ass for years now.

    Hopefully he got the old corn cob in the cornhole in the county lock-up.

  6. Another example how insane the left gets when they sense they’re losing a battle.
    My alma mater has been held hostage by progressives and other toxic activists for decades. The battle to keep conservative, normal traditions a part of the U of I has been intense for a long time, given Illinois is a state drowning in socialism.
    The diassociation in 2007 from the University of Illinois, of a beloved symbol that respected the traditions of native/indian Americans was the tipping point. Many students and alumni love Chief Illiniwek – including myself.
    Now, the tables have turned. U of I fans of the “Chief” finally see the possibility of his return. I credit the “Trump Effect”. It’s the hope of common sense returning so that leftist strongholds can be torn down.
    Professor Pervert should be fired immediately. Long live the Chief! Oskee Wow Wow!

  7. Oskee Wow Wow? Maybe if we change the yell to Oskee Oy Oy we can get the Chief back and appease the aggrieved Jewish native American action coalition (membership: 1) at the same time.

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