NJ: University Punishes Student For Displaying President’s Picture

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New Jersey’s Stockton University, a 20-minute drive from Atlantic City, charged a student with disruptive behavior, discrimination, harassment, creating a “hostile environment,” causing “harm” and cyberbullying.
His violation? Using Trump’s image as his Zoom background during an online class July 1.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is representing doctoral student Robert Dailyda, warning the public university in a letter Friday that it has no legal authority to punish a student for sharing his political views, even if they offended his classmates. More

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  1. If he was brave enough to do what he has already done, I would encourage him to continue and trust to eventually collect a big settlement for a number of first amendment violations from the school.

  2. When I was in grade school there was a portrait photograph, framed, of the current POTUS in the hallway of the front entrance. Pretty sure Obama was front and center of a lot of schools during his tenure.

    Guess times change.

  3. Here I am in sturgis in front of Trump unity bridge. I shouted out where’s all the Biden stuff? Pause. . . Looks could kill. They caught on to my joke when I lol’d


  4. I have yet to go into a US Post Office that displays President Trump’s picture. They always had Obama’s photo.

  5. If this had been a picture of their half chocolate Messiah, there would have been hail Marys everywhere, these people are truly sick.

    By the way, there is only one true Messiah and it isn’t Benito Obama. 😁

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  7. Stockton student should be sure to vote because if Biden wins the seeker of knowledge will be limited to homelessness.

  8. Liberals continue to quickly open the door into their noses with vigorous force.

    I stand back and marvel at their low intellect.

    Keep the show going, morons. You are mildly entertaining

    Nobody entertains like a retard leftist unaware that everyone in the room is laughing at them.

  9. Without doubt, academia is one of our biggest enemies. They employ people who are downright ignorant of human rights and our constitution.

  10. @ TimBuktu AUGUST 9, 2020 AT 6:31 PM

    They employ people who are downright hostile to human rights and our constitution.

    They the enemy of The Good

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