University Removes Slave-Owning Benefactor’s Name, His Family Demands Their $51 Million Back – IOTW Report

University Removes Slave-Owning Benefactor’s Name, His Family Demands Their $51 Million Back

RedState: If your name isn’t good enough for a college, is your money? Such a question has been raised over a now-deleted donator in Virginia.

The situation dates back to 1846, when a man named Thomas C. Williams attended Richmond College. In the 1880s, he served as a trustee.

More from the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

After his death, his family made a gift to [the college] that helped establish the law school. When Richmond College became the University of Richmond in 1920, it began referring to the law school as the T.C. Williams School of Law.

That was then, this is now. In September of 2022, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to change the name to the University of Richmond School of Law. MORE

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  1. p.s. about 30 times that amount. About 1.5 billion dollars.

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  2. Ask the university how many slaves worked or resided on the campus prior to the civil war. I bet they will get very worried looks on their faces.

  3. Easy people. It’s day one of Black History month. White History month is rapidly approaching.

    Oh. I’m sorry. What? No White History month?

    I will follow this story but I already know the outcome.

    There was once also a high school named T C Williams in Alexandria VA. Pretty sure that has already been renamed.

  4. No worse than the low bread trash in charge of “charities” that are given a land trust to be used for a defined purpose in perpetuity and then turn around and sue the benefactor’s estate to enable them to sell the land off or the estate has to sue the worthless cocksuckers to prevent them from selling the land off.

    Same type of mentality and both aren’t worth spit.

  5. We should be able to return the descendants of the slaves back to their original African countries for a refund of both the original purchase price of their ancestors and for damages incurred based on a faulty product!

  6. ^^^ that’s what the country of Liberia in Africa was created for. Repatriating Africans after slavery was ended. It just didn’t work out.

  7. Donors should put a clause in the donation papers that if the name of the building is changed, the institution will refund the money plus interest. This woke crap isn’t going away until it hits schools in the wallet.

  8. I was wrong. Liberia was created by James Monroe in the 1820s. Locals in Africa didn’t want them
    A few civil wars and assassinations later it’s a complete shit hole.

  9. “At a six-percent compounded interest over 132 years…”

    Where did they come up with the 6% interest rate? I want in on that.

  10. It seems to me not all slave owners could have been bad. Surely some slave owners clothed, fed, and cared for the slaves health and welfare. Kind of like today’s democrat party.

  11. This could prompt many to refuse to make endowments in the future. Personally, I hope it does. Every university in the nation is living off the trust fund of the previous benefactors, government agencies and absurdly high tuition. University presidents spend recklessly, with no accountability.

    This past two weeks, it was found that LSU football coach, Brian Kelly, was overpaid one-million dollars this year by accident. You can’t do that in any other business that I’m familiar with.


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