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University Rewarding Violence and Vandalism With Scholarship


The student charged with pushing down the Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina on Monday may be rewarded with a scholarship for her actions from North Carolina Central University.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on Wednesday that proposals are being made at the college to award Takiyah Thompson, who has been charged with two felonies—participation in a riot and inciting others to riot—for her actions.

News that Thompson was involved in the demonstration was reportedly met with widespread support from campus faculty and students in her Introduction to Political Science class.

“I saw the demonstration and the toppling of the monument. I think it’s a healthy thing for students to have a voice and to be leaders in activism,” said Jim C. Harper II, chair of the history department. “We’re going to do everything we can to support Ms. Thompson.”

Her professor, Allan Cooper, said that the entire class applauded when he revealed to them that Thompson was the person charged with toppling the statue. Following the news, Cooper sent an email to the chair to propose giving Thompson a scholarship.
And what is the school breeding now, for the next scholarship?
Perhaps a scholarship for shooting Trump?

13 Comments on University Rewarding Violence and Vandalism With Scholarship

  1. What would all these “education pimps” think if the students tear down the faculty lounge next?
    Start rewarding students for vandalism, the whole campus will be destroyed.

  2. So why was this not an issue during 8 years of Obummer? Surely he would have been leading the effort to tear down statues of white men.

  3. Huh, so that’s what they study in Pol Sci these days.

    I’ll be interested in the academic paper that is going to be generated from this anti-societal behavior.

    “Why vote, when you can riot?”
    “Vandalism is but another form of political speech”
    “By any means when it comes to symbols of the confederacy in the public places in the south”

  4. The school and professor will get what they richly deserve if this happens. Unreal that history prof advocates for those that want to erase history. They are American Taliban.

  5. Trump’s DoE should cancel every Federal research contract and every grant.
    Advise the Administration that cancelling access to Federal school loans is next.
    Plus criminal charges for inciting riots, vandalism and destruction of Public property

    This crap will end as quickly as it began. But The Hammer has to come down hard first on the government employee enablers.

  6. She deserves some kind of award. I never thought that tub of shit could make it up seven foot of ladder.

  7. Besides, a scholarship to that school is worth less than nothing these days anyway. Bet she goes for a course in remedial class envy.

  8. Somewhere down the line she may realize she’s just a tool of the left. They will abandon her as soon as she wears out her usefulness and that could be at any time. Her future is not looking bright – something she deserves at this point.

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