University To Hold Gender Identity “teach-in” in recognition of MLK Day (!?)

In recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. day (January 21st), Illinois Wesleyan University will host  “black, queer feminist community organizer” and “LGBT activist” Dave Bentlin, president of Prairie Pride Coalition.

Because no one fought harder for gay rights or was more aware of gender identity than MLK.

“I know deep down in my sanctified soul that he did not take a bullet for same-sex unions.” – MLK daughter, Bernice King.


17 Comments on University To Hold Gender Identity “teach-in” in recognition of MLK Day (!?)

  1. While your teaching, please teach that gender refers to grammar usage… THE word you should be using is SEX!!!

  2. I’m PRETTY sure MLK identified as, “a DUDE.” Not sure he’d WANNA be recognized – much less “claimed” – by THIS crowd! 😮

  3. Ken Hutchinson fought this comparison vigorously.
    There should be a penalty here for cultural appropriation.

  4. I HATE these people. And every time I think I can’t despise them any more they bring a new level of disgust and anger with their stupid BS.

  5. I’m sure blacks like having MLK Day being co-opted by the homosexual agenda.

    Can’t we have our day?

    It’s MLK Day not RU Gay Day.

  6. I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that any blacks or other minority, for that matter, that are offended about the mis-appropriation of the MLK Jr. holiday for unrelated, aberrant purposes, that they might wish to walk away from those that are stealing his legacy and your benefit from that. Stand up straight, and just walk away from them.

  7. Politically, Martin Luther King was not conservative – he was a RINO by today’s definition. He was a lot like most black Americans (after World War I) – culturally Christian, but politically liberal, thanks to “Big Lie” Deep State Democrats mission to hijack the black vote.
    Before WWI black Americans were mostly Republican.

    MLK Jr. admired Ghandi greatly and impliment non-violent tactics based on Ghandi’s teachings, which I would consider a form of socialism. Therefore, MLK Jr. would have March with LGBTQ based on his liberal political ideology.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of his age (era) and civil right thru non-violent was his brand, so he would not have approved of Antifa, BLM antics.

    Personally, I do not admire Martin Luther King Jr. His socialist leanings conflicted lifestyle, and heresy turn me off long ago. To me, he was just another Kennedy democrat who lead a ” civil rights movement” that helped entrench the Left.

  8. I was disappointed to find that Wesleyan would not be taking the opportunity of MLK Day to teach some sjw snowflakes who Dr King was, and what he taught. Instead, they have want a forum on pc pronouns, and which states will fully fund sex reassignment surgery? Personally, I call it bigoted.

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