Univision Transcripts Prove Rubio is a Bald-Faced Liar

Rubio is infuriating. The way he tries to weasel his way out of the Gang of 8 era is insulting to everyone’s intelligence.

Cruz was right about Rubio at the debate when he said

Rubio Promised Hispanics en Español He’d Keep Executive Amnesty in Place

Does Rubio think Spanish is a dead language that only he and a handful of people speak?


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  1. The more you chip away at these assholes the more you find out who owns them. Thank DJT for that this cycle. His presents is shining a big light on these people.

  2. The republican candidates better be aware that the MSM is fine with them calling each other a liar.

    Once the general election starts and a republican calls the democrat a liar they will find themselves ‘Candy Crowley’ fact-checked up way their anus.

    The MSM won’t play that game even though the democrats spew nothing but lies.

  3. Gotta say, in general, I am not an awd fan. He has his good points, but when he goes to calling anybody that doesn’t follow him, lock, stock and barrel, every name in the book, including a few made up ones, he loses me.

    Respecting differing (conservative) values is damn important.

  4. But he does live in Texas and is more familiar with Cruz than we are. I can’t list too many things I’ve ever disagreed with that AWD has written. More the delivery for me.

  5. I went to a breakfast where Rubio was the featured speaker. My wife liked him but I walked out saying I didn’t trust him. Thus far he has lived up to my initial assessment. Same thing for Rand Paul. Paul said Obamacare was the law of the land and indicated he, like the RINO establishment, was moving on.

  6. Loco – I see Trump’s and Rubio’s constantly labeling Cruz a “liar” as straight out of Josef Goebbels playbook. If they repeat it often enough, it will stick, despite the fact that Cruz is consistently proven correct.

    It is disturbing how they are using that epithet against him, and I’m afraid that you are right – the MSM loves it and the dems will use it too.

  7. I’ve been going back and forth with the great Mike Rosen of KOA in Denver about this. He asserts that Rubio is no more of a liar that any other pol.

    I ask him HTF anyone can tell you one thing and then turn right around the next day and say something thats a complete 180 to someone else. Isn’t that the most blatant lie you can imagine? And you’re saying it in Spanish so you’re hoping it’s not discovered? Man, thats slimy.

    From Mike

    “Most importantly, he’s the most electable candidate as the GOP nominee. Trump isn’t electable. And he’s is the biggest liar, and fool, among all of the GOP candidates. Either that or he’s simply delusional.”

    For almost 30 years I thought Rosen was one sharp political observer but I’m just not getting this. Trump is a fool? Or delusional? Why descend into name calling? How or where has Trump lied? Not electable? Against Bernie or the felon???

    If somehow Rubio is nominated and you can bet your ass that the GOPe is going to keep pushing him and Jeb until the very end, it’s going to be 100x harder voting for him then it was for Romney.

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