Unlike Eric Swalwell, I’m not letting this go

Patriot Retort: How much you wanna bet that more people are talking about Eric Swalwell blasting out a loud one on MSNBC than are talking about Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry?  Shart Twitter is the best Twitter.  And, man, was last night entertaining.

Harmeet Dhillon referred to the clip of Eric’s on-air gas-passing as his “Fartacus Moment.” But since that fart of his probably required a change of underwear, I think Shartacus is probably more accurate.

Okay, for those who don’t know: A “shart” is a fart that ends up being a shit.

Come on, you know what I’m talking about. It happens to everyone at some point.  You’re expecting to pass a little gas and your colon has other plans so what you end up with is a shart.

And there is no way Eric’s star turn on MSNBC was just a little gas.  No way.

Of course Shartacus is denying he cut the cheese.

But of course he is.  As the old saying goes, “He who denies it supplies it.” more


Rootin-Tootin Eric Swalwell!

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  1. At least he knows how to cut a “Howitzer” in front of a “Fake News” reporter. Kind of sums up the Impeachment crap as well. Just one huge FART!!!

  2. In the cosmically unlikely even I am ever interviewed by Matthews, I would be proud — PROUD — to let rip a flutterblast like Swalwell’s. It would express in a way I simply couldn’t express in words the depth of my respect for Matthews and his ilk, and the whole professional nooz world for that matter.

  3. Yay! Farts! Finally, an ‘issue’ the public can grasp coming from our political class.

    Sweet Jeebus, if you’ve got that big meteor hanging around, now is the time.

  4. The Fact that Swalwell’s Farts can still make noise after the Pounding

    His Bunghole has received is a tribute to Modern Medicine .

  5. Looks like Swallwell did it again; he mega-farted during today impeachment hearing

    Whereupon an annoyed Adam Schifweasel pounded his gavel and said “One more outburst like that and I will be forced to clear the Star Chamber”

  6. From the great kids book Squids Will Be Squids by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables the story He Who… Skunk, Musk Ox and cabbage were sitting around the front porch at Skunk’s house. Slowly but surely, the porch filled with a terrible smell. “Whoa!” said Skunk. “Is that you musk Ox?” Musk Ox shook his shaggy head. “No way, Skunk. That’s Cabbage.” “Uh uh,” said Cabbage, “That’s not me.” Musk Ox and Cabbage looked back at Skunk, who suddenly became very interested in tying his shoe. Moral, he who smelt it dealt it.

  7. My dad, God rest his soul, would ask, in those closed window car winter rides…”HEY, who let go??” SBD’s you see, a nice lingering one.

    Also, will never forget when my autistic brother ripped one in church 40 years ago…may God bless him too, he’s gone.

    My Italian father in law used to say, may HE also ‘RIP’, “that’s good, that means the plumbing is working”.

    Thanks for the memories!

  8. He was told by Pelosi to go out there and “Slip one for the Shiffer” to take the spotlight of the Impeachment Inquiry that is starting to auger in.

  9. Beans beans the magical fruit

    The more you eat the more you toot

    the more you toot the better you feel

    so lets have beans in every meal.

  10. Shart we used to call that a turkey squirt

    turkey squirt
    the process of accidentally squirting anal juices instead of the intended gas.
    guy 1 “Ey bro listen to this!……O-Oh Shit.”
    guy 2 “What was that!?”
    guy 1 “i just turkey squirted”

  11. Well, it appears Rep Thunder in the Valley, is at least smart enough to now wear brown clothes, set on a brown saddle, and ride a brown horse.

  12. Swallowell left the interview with a pall of fumes trailing behind that was actually visible to the naked eye. Stagehands fled in panic like a grenade was just lobbed amid them.
    The disgusting slob couldn’t even get a cab.

  13. I LEAVE this site this afternoon- all is well and clean- AND I RETURN HOURS LATER TO FIND OUT THIS???

    Oi vey.


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