“Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018”


“Whoever, whether or not acting under color of law, while in disguise, including while wearing a mask, injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both.”


I’m not convinced this is such a great idea.

It’s already illegal if someone cracks you over the head with a bike lock, whether they’re in disguise or not. I’d hate to think the guy who cracks my skull open will get a lighter sentence because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

The cops should be arresting people for crimes committed. Wearing a disguise is not a crime. Why would the crime be more severe if they wore a mask?

Do bank robbers get harsher sentences because they tried to conceal their identity?

Is any crime deemed more severe if you attempt to conceal your identity? Don’t all smart criminals  try to evade identification?

How can this be implemented without it being a violation of your right to go outside wearing a mask? How about flamboyant makeup? A wig? A fake nose? Freddie Mercury teeth?

I’m keeping an open mind on this one. Convince me I’m wrong.


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  1. The only advantage I see is that it might discourage wearing disguise while committing the crime, thus making apprehension and prosecution more viable.

  2. I don’t approve of this either, BFH, even with the high level of detestation I have for antifa & co. If enacted into law, it will be far too easy to lock somebody up for 15 years for the commission of an otherwise minor crime.

    And that’s not to mention violators of all those mala prohibida that ought not to be crimes in the first place.

  3. If I wrote that legislation I would allow them to were bandannas or a clothe mask. But some of that shit they wear will bust up your knuckles as your fist crashes into their teeth.
    I’m convinced there’s a couple of these ass holes working out at my gym. They showed up about three months ago. Concave chests, hair dyed black, tats and piercings. They like doing curls with the shiny weights and hanging out together in one corner or another. I give them a “Zero” rating in survivability when shit gets real.

  4. We have enough useless laws that entangle the legal processes. Like said… it’s already illegal to wack somebody with a stick.

  5. A new law aimed at the lawless. It’s like putting up “Gun Free Zone” signs.

    Just arrest lawbreakers and then rip their masks off, photograph them, prosecute them.

  6. So Brad, we never got a chance to finish our conversation on the other thread before BFH hid all the relevant posts.
    Did BFH disclose my identifying IP address to you?
    I will find out the truth and if you lie to me, especially after your threats to me that BFH also hid, then you will only make it worse for yourself.
    Tell the truth Brad, this is your last chance to get right.

    I don’t give up people’s IPs and you don’t spoof people’s screen names.
    You want to go down this road of being the “conservative” that disrupted a conservative site? Seriously?

  7. I agree – current, basic laws should be sufficient. Special laws only create loopholes. And since the police have the right to identify people they should already have the right to unmask them.

  8. I thought it was already illegal to protest in the streets while wearing masks. No? I thought antifa was already considered a terrorist organization, no?

    Here’s the problem I see, then: The law is overly vague and takes in too many situations that are open to interpretation. If I dress up for Halloween with my kids and wear a mask that frightens some kid, I could be accused of threatening or oppressing someone, couldn’t I? So we taxpayers get to spend a gazillion dollars defending the state in a legal action and have to pay out in the end, anyway.

    They should just name antifa a terrorist organization and be done with it. I mean, hasn’t any of those lawmakers read antifa’s social media, fer cryin’ out loud.

  9. “It’s already illegal if someone cracks you over the head with a bike lock, whether they’re in disguise or not. I’d hate to think the guy who cracks my skull open will get a lighter sentence because he wasn’t wearing a mask.’

    I completely agree with this position – and feel obligated to point out that this same thought process can be applied to so-called ‘Hate Crimes’.

    “It’s already illegal to kill someone, whether you hate them for some reason or other or not” – so I get a lesser sentence if I kill you without hating you?

    Let’s go one step further: Witness Impact statements in sentencing phases (a relatively new phenomenon in American jurisprudence).

    If I kill someone with no friends (say a train-riding hobo) my sentence will be shorter simply because he had no one to speak up for him in the sentencing phase and show the ‘impact’ that my murdering him had on those who show up.

    Conclusion: It is best to like the people that you kill and make sure the person you kill was not well-liked by others if you want to avoid a lengthy sentence.

  10. That law is hideous.

    In New Orleans during Mardi Gras crowds get out of control all of time. The NOPD show up 30 at a time and they go at the crowd with their batons swinging and let me tell you they show no mercy. They arrest everybody they can grab and let me tell you they are effective. The crowd breaks up real fast. Really big crowds of really drunk rough people.

    You only see these antifa pussies where the police are pussies.

  11. I don’t understand when patriots are confronted by these shitweasels that they just don’t walk up to them & yank their hankies down
    … & watch them run away like the dogs they are, w/ their tails between their legs

    (all it will take is one little tug …. DO IT!)

  12. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – How about filling a spray bottle with household ammonia and squirting a stream at the shitweasel’s bandana? I betcha that mask would come off mighty fast. You could do it from a slightly stand-off position and get a bunch of them in a short time if they’re ganged up.

    Being a 69-year-old fat guy with back problems makes me leery of getting too close to these evil clowns. I might get head lice or something.

  13. @Uncle Al ~ I’ve seen too many vids where the cantifas are right in peoples faces foaming from underneath their hankies …. I’m screaming at the vid … ‘just yank that thing down!!!’

    … think Babs Jansen in ‘Animal House’ when her Jackie Kennedy dress got ripped off

  14. Uncle Al I like that idea, only carry two spray bottles Ammonia and another with bleach to neutralize it…for safety of course! 🙂

  15. Sounds about as well written a law as “hate speech” and “hate crimes”. Don’t pass it.

  16. @ Anon – why so sad?

    @ Uncle Al – great idea, I have a hand held sprayer with an air pump action. I am going to have to keep in the car…

    And buy more as a potential last line of defense for the house.

    @ BFH – I was hoping this law would kick into affect. A bank robber from the ’30’s is not Anti-ass from the 18’s.


  17. I watched a video of the Polish police dealing with these Antifa terrorists. They let them push into their line then charged with batons flailing, a beautiful sight to behold.The problem is with the Mayors and lib. police chiefs who allow this lawlessness. How many were found not guilty in Portland and Berely riots due to the inability to record the perps faces and tie them to a crime?

  18. Announce to the crowd that playtime is over.
    Then busses appear with fencing welded to the front. They block the streets leading away from the gathering. This is to prevent escape.
    Then Officers with paintball equip move in. They concentrate their fire on lower extremities. Those immobilized are arrested.
    The Rowdy ones can be darted like bears

  19. Don’t forget bike lock attacker ,one way they id’d him was he was on video changing clothes, taking off the black hoodie . Makes them hard to id in a crowd. I understand his footwear also played a roll in outing him as he had posted pictures of himself wearing same shoes somewhere else.

  20. Not partial to hoods as part of the Socialist black uniform. It keeps chunks of skull, brain matter and red spray from anointing the other comrades into reality.

    Your baptism awaits insects.

  21. I aways bring a squirt gun or spray bottle with ammonia in it. The cheap masks have a tendency to come off quickly.

  22. “Wearing a disguise is not a crime.”

    In many places it is, such laws having been passed long ago to put a stop to KKK intimidation. They aren’t enforcing these, so another law is likely to be about as effective as another gun law.


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