Unpopular Gas Tax Could Hurt California Democrats in 2018


Californians reject the new gas tax and vehicle registration fee increases passed by Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrat-dominated California legislature.

Moreover, according to the director of a new study from UC Berkley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, the backlash against the gas tax could cost Democrats seats in the legislature come election time.

SB 1 passed through both houses of the California legislature in April.

The new UC Berkley study found that even in deep blue California, 58 percent of voters oppose the bill, and39 percent strongly oppose it, according to the Sacramento Bee. The only region of the state not to oppose the bill was the left-heavy Bay Area. Only strongly liberal voters supported the law. All racial and ethnic sub-groups surveyed opposed it, as did every respondent 30 or older. The 18-29 group was evenly divided between favor and opposition. Only 35 percent of voters were for the tax increase.

Poll director Mark DiCamillo predicted that hitting people’s pocketbooks could alarm them and result in political backlash in “competitive” legislative districts, according to the report.

The law starts going into effect on November 1, when drivers will see a 12-cent-per-gallon tax increase included in their gas prices, and 50% of a 20-cent-per-gallon increase in the diesel excise tax. The new law also allows for an inflation adjustment on both gas and diesel. Next January 1, those registering their cars in the state can expect registration fee increases between $25 and $175 dollars. The fee increase is based on vehicle value and will also adjust for inflation. read more

22 Comments on Unpopular Gas Tax Could Hurt California Democrats in 2018

  1. Nope, the I want free shit crowd is to powerful. This state needs to hit critical mass. it’s well on it’s way.

  2. It wont hurt the democrats. Most republicans can’t even get on the general ballot here. It’ll just be another dem — one who “wouldn’t have voted for the tax”.

  3. However much it might hurt CA Dems, it won’t hurt enough. They should suffer the pain of pulling out nose hairs continuously for the rest of their evil lives.

    I’m in a foul mood tonight. I’ll stop now.

  4. Let me guess. It’s for the children.
    So glad I escaped California years ago.

    Mind you that Virginia needs escaping at this point. If November yields another bad result I’ll be State shopping I can work anywhere.

  5. Speaking from behind enemy lines in Southern California, there is nothing that will hurt the Democrats in California.
    They need to be exorcised like the demons they are.
    Then the D(umbass) voters need to be lobotomized.
    Proposition 30 anyone? Who in their right mind votes to INCREASE taxes on themselves?
    Prison realignment anyone? Letting prisoners out early makes us safer? WTF??
    Now the brilliant minds in Sacramento want to have universal health care, sanctuary statehood, and a climate agreement with China.

  6. The Republican party is essentially dead in California. Maybe, if the Democrats keeping shooting themselves in the head, the Republicans can win enough seats to eliminate the Democrat super majority, but even then just barely.

    It’s ironic that Gray Davis was recalled as governor for trying to raise the automobile registration fees, and then Schwartzenegger at the end of his tenure raised them anyway. Gasoline taxes and registration fees are some of the most regressive taxes one can think of, but when it comes to providing for their comfort, no regressive tax is too great for California’s limousine liberals.

  7. If you are a lib leaving California I recommend heading south. I’ve heard Mexico really likes your type.

  8. I Think We’re going to need to Break-up Fellow Californian’s ! Possibly in’to more than Two States. One of those may have to be Land Locked for it to happen though.
    The Ship Has Become to Big for one Captain.

  9. Hmm, I wonder how this is going to affect shipping prices for
    the islands. That could be bad. They are phucking us on everything
    else in Guam.

  10. In a year the pain will already have been absorbed and 2018 nobody (except the sane minded folks aka conservatives) will remember they are paying more at the pumps and registration fees. That’s why the Democrats passed it this year. Because they know how stupid their base is and that they have short term memories that last until the next episode of “America’s Got Talent”

  11. maybe they blame the tax on republicans and get a republican to apologize for the tax on video, make a campaign add and effectively place the blame on the republican party.

    don’t act like it couldn’t happen.

  12. The Dems will enlist John McCain to tell the people of California how well the Democrats of California are doing and what great leaders they are!

  13. There is no tax or utility increase they will not pay, let a state subsidy pay.

    There will be lots of brown outs, maybe some black outs this summer.

    I read there is going to be a bigger sin tax on cigarettes – once EBT is restricted from buying booze and cigs there will not be much tax to collect.

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