Unraveling an 8-Year Error

CFP: I am expecting an incredible landslide victory for Trump in 2020 … if idiots like Soros Soros don’t do something really unimaginable in the meantime.

I was skeptical of Donald Trump when he first emerged on the political scene during the 2016 Election Season.  My wife, an immigrant from Mexico who naturalized in 2007 was a fan of Mr. Trump right out the gate, the moment he said the word, “Wall.”  She was brought to the United States when she was a baby.  Her parents spent many years saving up their money to make the move.  When asked about illegal aliens, my wife says, “It’s a slap in my dad’s face.  My dad didn’t bring us here to be Mexicans.  He brought us here to be Americans.  My dad followed the law and the rules, and those rules are there because it weeds out those who really don’t want to truly be Americans, and those who pose a danger to the United States.”

She had been talking about a wall long before Trump did.  Hers, however, was a little more practical, and a little more fierce.  She wanted gun turrets, broken glass and inverted nails at the top, and a mote with alligators.  The mote, however, would also provide the dirt needed in New Orleans to shore up their levies, and the ‘gators would come from Florida.  “Everyone’s happy,” she commented, when I asked her about it.

For me, of the original seventeen Republican candidates, Trump ranked number fifteen … ahead of Chris Christie and Kasich, and one spot behind Jeb Bush.  more here

SNIP: That should say, Moat, not Mote.

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  1. Is Obozo now claiming to be a geneticist?From eight years of experience,
    he lacks anything remotely close to the IQ required.
    Poop Scoop operator, possibly!

  2. …if idiots like Soros don’t do something really unimaginable…

    I dunno about that. (a) I have a pretty vivid imagination, and (b) Soros is capable of just about any vicious depravity.

  3. Love that reminder of the most candy-ass workout ever performed by any creature that walked on two legs. They had me using heavier weights in cardiac rehab a hour after I woke up from open heart surgery. And I’m talking about for pec-flys

    God, did he disgrace the male sex that day!!

  4. Sorry but this guy lost me when he said Trump originally ranked lower than Lindsey Graham and Jeb! ‘I love amnesty’ Bush. No wonder the country ended up where it was a year ago if either of those were reasonable options to a guy that claims to be conservative.

  5. When I was a kid, all the garden walls in downtown Savannah had broken bottles imbedded in the top.
    Nope, didn’t support President Trump, I did fully embrace him after he won the primary.
    Like some friends here who lost friendships, #MeToo.
    It’s been over a year and I still haven’t heard from my friend of over 40 years and fellow V/Nam vet about our bet.
    If Hillary had won I would have called him and told him, with my nose held and fingers crossed, guess I would have had to use speaker phone for that, that Hillary will make a good president.
    Not sorry or tard yet.
    I miss our buddy calls though.

  6. Uncle Al
    Rumor has it there’s a couple foreign countries that are so pissed at Soros and his son that they’ve sanctioned hits no matter who’s soil he standing on.

  7. Trump better recognize that there is an army of people like Doug’s wife out there. I am married to one. She was a NeveranyonebutTrumper from the get-go. I wasn’t there until months later.

    Don’t disappoint her with a DACA disaster, Donald. You’ll be in a world of hurt. Believe me.

  8. I was for Trump when he called obama unqualified for the office because he wasn’t a citizen!
    Release the REAL birth certificate.

  9. Hey, at least Ginger Joe hasn’t killed anybody yet….that we know of. The whole Kennedy Klan can pack up and go back to where ever they came from, take Hillary with them, and leave us alone.

  10. No DACA no criminals illegal aliens .
    Trump is playing the DEMS telling them I want this and I give you this. Because trump knows that the socialist DEMS want open borders. No reform and criminal illegal aliens, no lottery tickets, etc so he is giving them a lot a rope to hang. People also need to do their constitutional right and call the White House and tell trump no DACA no illegal aliens. 202- 456- 1111 I will not tell you guys to do something that I don’t do. I call everyday the White House. Plus congressional and senators. I make that my mission because it makes me mad that this criminal illegal aliens come to the USA and demand stuff that the cowards will not do in their shit hole country.

  11. Now that you bring it up P, somebody should be awarding cultural warfare medals.
    A “little red badge of courage”.

  12. I think Soros, Steyer, Buffett and others are behind the stock market falling today–just in time for the SOTU. It would be interesting to see if they sold off a lot of stocks. Doesn’t matter though, Trump came in when it was 18 thousand and it is above 26 thousand in one year.

  13. my hope is that everything about Hussein come out birth certificate, fast and furious, FISA, Benghazi etc and that he move with is family to Kenya.
    He was a sorry commander and chief, the military didn’t like that little man

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