“Unrelenting Force”: Trump Sends Carrier Strike Group, Bombers to Deter Iran Threat

President Trump deploys a carrier strike group and bomber task force to the Middle East in response to undisclosed “escalatory” actions by Iran. National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo say the U.S. will punish the Iranian regime with “unrelenting force” for hostile actions by proxy groups they support, like Hezbollah. Are we on the cusp of war or is this the only way to prevent a fight with a “dominance-based society” like the Islamic Republic of Iran?


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  1. They did missiles into Baghdad from a carrier, they can do it to Iran, too. Being lied into another aggressive war is how the Pentagon gets its jollies.

    By Michael Rivero
    The Downing Street Memo is only the beginning of the proof we were all lied to.

    It is inescapable historical reality that leaders of nations will lie to their people to trick them into wars they otherwise would have refused. It is not “conspiracy theory” to suggest that leaders of nations lie to trick their people into wars. It is undeniable fact.

    This brings us to the present case.

    Did the government of the United States lie to the American people, more to the point, did President Bush and his Neocon associates lie to Congress, to initiate a war of conquest in Iraq?

    This question has been given currency by a memo leaked from inside the British Government which clearly indicates a decision to go to war followed by the “fixing” of information around that policy. This is, as they say, a smoking gun.

    But the fact is that long before this memo surfaced, it had become obvious that the US Government, aided by that of Great Britain, was lying to create the public support for a war in Iraq.”


  2. If we had a pro-Western Democracy president from 2008 to 2016, the Iranian regime would have been internally overthrown already.

    Unfortunately, we had the Boyz N Tha Muslim Brotherhood because America has a soft headed voting public capable of being swayed by fact and content free speeches filled with empty promises.

  3. …Iran and Iraq battled each other to a standstill for YEARS while Saddam was in charge of the latter. This suggests their forces were roughly equivalent.

    …then we come and take Iraq over in, roughly, a long weekend.

    …Something for Iran to think about…

  4. @road apple>amen.if we’re gonna do it lets make sure they send in some men and not mamas boys.

  5. Having been in the Persian Gulf in 1974 on board the USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 I totally heartily agree with this decision by the Trump administration to send a carrier strike group (and B-52’s) into harms way to protect our interests and the worlds in this vital and strategic area. And if for any reason the Iranians try and hit one of our ships they get one warning shot across the bow and then the Navy can blow the bastards to Hell if it happens again. This is serious, Thank God for President Trump to take a stand and say don’t mess with us or else unlike the his gutless, cowardly chickenshit predecessor.

  6. Supernightshade, they believe they have allah behind then and will be victorious.
    Can’t reason with inbred, low -IQ types in large numbers, you can only deal with them.

  7. “If we had a pro-Western Democracy president from 2008 to 2016, the Iranian regime would have been internally overthrown already.”

    …and the unprecedented deployment of Iranian Navy ships to the Mediterranean in 2011 would never have happened.

  8. Trump should hold a press conference and say: I have good news and bad news. The good news is we have not forgotten the lesson of 9/10 thinking. More good news- we have not forgotten the lesson of nation building in a place inhabited by allahamonkeys. Here is the bad news and it’s bad news for the likes if Iran. If you give us a reason we will smash you back into the stone-age- not even ISIS will flock to your lands for there will be less than nothing for them to work with. Ruble doesn’t make trouble.

  9. You mean, the Obama shipments of TAXPAYER DOLLARS, DIDN’T buy their friendship & cooperation?! 🙄


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