‘Unruly’ air passenger tied up with seatbelts, tape

Air rage has been taken to entirely new heights if this photo is anything to go by.
unruly air passenger

12 Comments on ‘Unruly’ air passenger tied up with seatbelts, tape

  1. What’s needead is, Cpt Dad.
    Don’t make me pull this plane over!
    Don’t make me come back there and settle your ass down!
    You want me to turn this plane around? You wanna go back?
    I will sooo open the door and drop your ass off.
    See what you did? You made your flight attendant cry.
    Happy now?

  2. I fly regularly. Recently I have acquired the habit of panning the plane to identify any passengers who I feel is acting strangely or of “certain” physical characteristics that would increase the probability of them being a terrorist. I then periodically watch those individuals to look for suspicious actions. I also am prepared to take whatever action is necessary to take anyone out if the do anything rash.

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