Unsportsmanlike Conduct


While NFL players who protest the anthem, cast themselves as upright crusaders for the rule of law and equality. The arrest statistics for the NFL paint a far different picture, of how a lot of these social justice warriors truly regard the rule of law.

Arrest statistics for the league show that an NFL player is arrested every seven days, on average, for crimes as varied as domestic abuse and rape, gun violations, drug offenses, disorderly conduct, burglary, breaking traffic laws, and occasionally even murder.

About three to four players are arrested every month according to Patrick Murphy at NFL Arrests, a website that tracks the NFL’s arrests and charges.

The site notes that since the year 2000, the longest the NFL went without an arrest has been 65 days. The site also notes, for instance, that a player was arrested seven days ago as of October 2.

Since 2000 there have been 218 drunk driving arrests, 100 drug offenses, 98 players arrested for domestic violence, and another 44 arrested for disorderly conduct.

The team with the most arrests and offenders is the Minnesota Vikings, according to Murphy’s database. The next four are the Denver Broncos, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Tennessee Titans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars falling in with the fifth most arrested players.

The total number of NFL arrests for 2017, stands at 32. Here is a list of the various offenses:  MORE

8 Comments on Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  1. So let’s check that freedom of speech thing.

    Would any of the black NFL players object if a reporter called them a “nigger” as just exercising their free speech rights?

  2. About that photo-
    Originally it was a cosmetic ad. A few years ago, Maybelline or Covergirl had a thing where each week they would do makeup in ‘team colors’ to tie in the brand to the NFL.
    A lefty [as it was claimed] decided that they would use the photo to protest NFL players abusing their wives, girlfriends, etc. So they turned the image into a crime scene.

    The left at the time was protesting the NFL. Now? I think they will look away from the beatings and rapes as long as the NFL is being anti- cop, anti- Trump, anti- everything they don’t like.

  3. I don’t feel that old, but I guess I am old school. Any asshole that hits a woman needs his ass kicked. Although Antifa members don’t count.

  4. It’s a nice honest picture about the criminal phucks. Bravo!!

    Antifa? Rules? Bwhahahahahahaha! The only rule is try not to let the cops see you when you bounce them.

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