Unsubstantiated: Woman claims Scott Israel had an affair with her when she was 17!

UNSUBSTANTIATED:  Woman claim she had a 6 month affair with Sheriff Scott Israel when SHE WAS ONLY 17 and …
he made her have an abortion when she became pregnant. She claims she didn’t know he had a wife & kids.

You would think it’s some wacko that’s trying to jump on the current media attention Scott Israel is having but the videos were made in October 2012.


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26 Comments on Unsubstantiated: Woman claims Scott Israel had an affair with her when she was 17!

  1. Of course the real point is that the Knee-Pad Media would be jumping all over this if it had only a 5% chance of being accurate if it were a Republican…. not that they would even be aware of, much less care, about the accuracy in the first place!

  2. I do believe she is post abortive and p*$$ed with being forced into an abortion. Who’s baby,? Dunno, but thats not an act. She is also high.

    She resembles a younger brunette version of his older bleached blond wife in the Scott’s wife’s denouncing video that follows hers on youtube.


    This is why women get themselves in trouble.

    💢 She is 17 and is ALSO old enough to know she is not supposed to be with a man 18 or older, and she does anyway.

    💢 She is ALSO supposed to be responsible enough to use protection, and apparently didn’t.

    💢 She could have kept the child. No one dragged her to a back alley with a coat hanger.

    💢 She could’ve figured out the guy was married quite easily.

    💢 She could have reported statutory RAPE at any time.

    💢 She also could have kept her mouth shut since this makes her look like a home-wrecking TRAMP and being plastered all over the internet makes her essentially ineligible for employment. (who would hire her?)

    What a dummy. I feel sorry for the guy actually. Well, not really. 2 scumbags who found each other. . .

  4. Awesome. Mrs. Israel made my day.

    The Israels can sue Video Woman for slander/defamation, and she can sue them for slander/defamation for the comments made in Mrs. Israel’s video.

    Simple question for the jury: Who’s lying?

    And all of it public, streaming, sort of live, here on IOTWReport.

  5. How would she know if her husband had an affair? Most adulterers don’t come home and say they were out having sex and that’s why they’re late.
    I don’t know if the girl making the claim is telling the truth, however I never trust a politician’s spouse anymore than I trust the politician. Who was that governor that time who was accused of forcing himself on a male employee and then came out and cried in front of the cameras that he was a homosexual? His wife stood there by his side. That says pretty much all that needs to be said about spouses of politicians.

    On another note since Israel has caused all this bs gun control shit again. A couple in Minnesota was arrested because their 13 year old threatened a kid (The threat is not being revealed) and they got a warrant to search his home and arrested the parents for having firearms that were not locked up. Oh and they had a cache of firearms, whatever that is and thousands of rounds of ammo(didn’t know that was a crime), a ballistic vest and a explosive device. (What was the explosive device? Tannerite is perfectly legal but is technically an explosive device.) At 13 I did not have any weapons locked up preventing me access. At 13 I had my own gun. There have been many teenagers who have stopped home invasions with a gun. This is some scary shit to me that they can arrest parents for having firearms.
    I sure hope there is more to this story than is being told otherwise move the hell out of Minnesota if you live there.


  6. Alternate title for the made for TV movie.
    “The Isreal that’s a pussy”
    “Scott Isreal’s Gun never goes off”

    Seriously this guy got a bunch of little kids killed. No matter how you slice it.

  7. Me Too is heading Isreal’s way, you don’t seriously think a guy that Arrogant and Corrupt could stop at only one do you, I’d bet more like 20 or 30 .

  8. I don’t care about his sick perv life.
    I care that he is a rat F888 enemy of America
    and a deep state-demorat shill.
    BTW=That woman is a psycho and she has a Wu-Wu
    that is wider & deeper than the G.Canyon………………………….

  9. BTW= There has always been psycho women that
    will do anything to sleep with a cop.It is like
    a “cop groupie”. These women prefer married victims.
    I have 3 stories that back this up and they are
    all from my family,friends and biz asso.

  10. BOO HOO!

    “I had an illegal sexual relationship @ 17 with a man I knew was older than me! Feel sorry for me yet?”


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