Unwilling To Work.org Appears on the Web

These are the moments when a misanthrope, like myself, appreciates the nameless, faceless people.


ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. Based on your application, your new, very important profession under the Green New Deal will be Atrazine Water Chemist and your new salary will be $120,735/yr.

    The internet is entertaining again

  2. You know what’s funny about all this unwilling to work crap?

    I truly am unwilling to work. I pulled my Socialism Support Card back when Zero was presidents. Heck, everyone else was getting freebies, it was my turn! Unfortunately, I’ve been too successful with that plan, I still refuse to work.

    In fact, my wife who still holds a job, just for the insurance. I pester her constantly about finding something simpler, with less pay. While we will always take more money, it’s just not worth it to work hard doing so, especially just to give a good percentage of it to someone else.

    I still technically pull an income, I just don’t really work for it. The best part about it, since I’m not getting a W2, I no longer pay Social Insecurity.

  3. Three steps before “Profit!”? THREE! That’s one more step, than when I was “willing” to work! What kind of capitalist conspiracy is this!?

  4. Good thing I didn’t state that I wanted to meet Homer.
    That would’ve been awkward, me being a budding Epic Poem Composer whose starting salary is $135,572 !

  5. Black Market Toilet Paper Investigator…$100,451/yr.

    I legit LOL’d at the gender options: ‘Attack Helicopter’. I picked that, natch.

  6. Years ago a local freebie newspaper had a column written by a fortune teller of some sort. A young woman wrote in asking if she and her boyfriend would ever get married. The woman said her boyfriend never had a job because working would “infringe on his liberty.” Funny how he didn’t care about the liberty of people who did work and had to give up some of their money to support someone who refused to work.

  7. Gender Identity Creator: $126,791/yr

    My work will never be done given the rate of growth in this field lately.

    Job security AND I get to be cruel ?!


    You! Yeah, you by the water cooler. You’re a fluffnutter today. Don’t ask. Just check in with me after work to see if you’ve evolved into another gender by then. Wait. make it 6pm. Want to warm up with a few shots of tequila first.

  8. Selective Outrage Project Manager: $148,719/yr

    Why have objective standards when we can continue to move to a purely tribal-based system of justice? It’s been tribal enough for years, but there has unfortunately been some attempt to maintain objectivity and judge the individual on their merits instead of their membership in a class. That won’t work much longer. As Selective Outrage Project Manager, you’ll get to pick and choose whose malfeasances are ignored- and whose are magnified- simply by their superficial qualities!

    So does this mean I would be a journalist?

  9. Congratulations Merry!

    Based on your application, your new, very important profession under the Green New Deal will be Paint-drying Watcher and your new salary will be $96,294/yr.



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