Unwoke.hr is Causing SJW Heads to Explode


Let Mr. Reagan tell you all about it.

Remember when you were hired for your ability and not for your politics, sex, race or issue of the day?

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  1. I remember when politics used to be passé….. then democrats turned them ugly, vile and destructive.

  2. How do you tell your head of HR that you are not going to come to work to initiate conversations with your co-workers about race and politics?

    Every single one of those conversations is a minefield with the potential to permanently harm the cohesion and productivity of your workplace and/or someone’s career.

    Some people actually go out of the way to not make waves or unintentionally piss off people they need to maintain working relationships.

  3. Mid-70s I went to college to prepare for a career in a government service position. First week they told us our chances of getting hired were slim unless you were a “black female wounded veteran.”
    Yep. 1975.


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