Up Next: Asthmatics Cause Climate Change

PJM: By now you should know that you hate the planet if you eat beef, instead of mashed-up bugs or heavily salted soy protein or algae or whatever. And of course you hate the planet if your car uses gasoline instead of electricity, which is generated by, apparently, magic. But did you know that now you hate the planet if you have asthma but you insist on breathing anyway? MORE

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  1. If I remember correctly, Congress took away our inhalers over 20 years ago because of the propellant they used at that time. Since then, we’ve had to survive with useless powders and drugs that weren’t always effective.

    The inhalers coming out now are supposed to have a safe-for-the-atmosphere propellant.

  2. How do they compare with those selfish fitness freaks who insist on huffing and puffing loads of CO2 daily, plus using up more than their share of O2?

  3. cfm990: Never smoked in my life, but I use 3 also. Looks like us living is kill off others, gee we’re selfish. Why don’t they ever look at the world population as a problem? Just how many can we fit on this spinning rock and keep going??

  4. Picture me ala Charlton Heston, arm raised, holding my Albuterol inhaler above my head; “from my cold, dead hand!”

  5. deplorable – second class,
    If the entire population of the world was divided into families of 4 and settled on a quarter acre, it would fit in Kazakhstan (this doesn’t imply that we should).

    Population isn’t the problem – imbecility – and the lust for power – is the problem.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Just keep in mind that to them you are evil for simply existing, particularly if you disagree with them one iota. Once you recognize that it is easy to dismiss anything they say.


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