Up Next: Chicken Shortage – IOTW Report

Up Next: Chicken Shortage

CTH: One Day After Biden Says No Shortages Except Cabbage Patch Dolls, NBC Reports on a National Shortage of Chicken.

Yesterday the White House occupant equivocated any current supply chain shortages to the 1980’s Christmas shortage of Cabbage Patch dolls {link}.  According to the White House narrative there are no shortages of essential products other than a few hard to find non-essential toys.

Obviously, that level of executive office propaganda is intended to gaslight a national audience into questioning themselves when they see shortages of highly consumable products like pet food and grocery store items.  Unfortunately for the White House the supply chain issues are of such widespread frequency even the allied narrative engineers cannot ignore them.   NBC reported that chicken tenders are “in short supply” at stores and restaurants as President Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis persists, during a segment on NBC’s “Today”  on 12/2/2021. more here

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  1. It took 2 days and 5 stores to find food for my 2 cats today. Amazon is also out. They eat hills science which I never had a problem finding.

  2. Well, what is being sold as chicken is actually soy fed and raised in pretty terrible conditions. A little less of it might not be such a bad idea.

    We’re preparing to raise our own.

  3. Chicken wings have been a shortage since earlier this year. About 6 months ago a restaurant we frequent added a $4 surcharge per 5 wings making two 10 wing platters with 2 ice teas over $55 without tip. Of course there was a notice it was temporary. Six months later they’ll probably be adding another surcharge on top of the temporary surcharge.

  4. They are kind’a slow on the uptake. We have a store here called Costco that hasn’t had bulk chicken wings available for nine months.

  5. Huh, I was wondering – the store I shop at has marinated chkn breasts that I love, but has been out of them the last few visits. Just as well, I probably couldn’t afford them anyway. I might have to tap the National Spam Reserve.

  6. Plenty of online chickens, holed up in mommy’s basement, gettin fat & spewin bs full time, just abunch of Billy Butt whiners. If they would cut down on stuffin their fat faces, food shortage wouldn’t be as bad.

  7. Do me a Favour Friends, Hunt, Shoot & Eat as many Canada Geese as You can before they Fly back up Here & Shit on everything in site.

  8. Kcir

    Valley Water Fowl hunters don’t shoot those Cans. Not that tastie. But we try and prevent any Spec from getting back alive. They’re real tastie.

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