Up Next: Re-Fund The Police

Dan Bongino: Cities Scramble to Re-Fund Police Amid Historic Violent Crime Wave

That defunding police departments would lead to increases in violent crime was perhaps the most blatantly obvious prediction that one could make, yet countless Democrat-controlled city councils and mayors nationwide decided it would be a noble experiment.

What exactly was the “theory” behind how fewer police would make their cities safer? Who knows, but that didn’t stop them. The Baltimore City Council approved $22.4 million in cuts, while Portland’s cut $15 million. Philadelphia took a planned $19 million increase in police funding and allocated $14 million of it elsewhere. Seattle trimmed their police department by 10%, New York City gutted a billion, and the list goes on and on.

The “police state” rhetoric was never true to begin with. For reference, the United States only employs 35% fewer police per-capita as the world average. In 2018 the U.S. employed 238 cops per 100,000 people, while France employed 429 per 100k, Italy 456 per 100k, Russia 515 per 100k, and Germany 388 per 100k. more here

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  1. The municipalities may re-fund the po-po, but after all the mal-treatment that the police have been through, who’s going to come back?

  2. What about all the doctors and nurses and military men and women not to mention the pilots who are leaving their jobs over the jab!
    No jab no pay same effect.

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