Up to 21 inches of snow for California

Ice Age Now:
National Weather Service Hanford CA
949 PM PDT Mon Mar 12 2018

Sierra Nevada from Yosemite to Kings Canyon-Including the cities of Devils Postpile, Florence Lake,
Lake Thomas Edison, Tuolumne Meadows, Bass Lake, Fish Camp, and Wawona


Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 16 inches (20 to 40 cm), with localized amounts up to 21 inches (53 cm(), are expected. Snow level starting near 8000 feet and lowering to 5000 feet on Wednesday with heaviest snow occurring on Tuesday evening.  MORE




Meanwhile, in-  New England,
West Virginia.


But SPRING is coming, right? RIGHT?!

22 Comments on Up to 21 inches of snow for California

  1. Now if we can find a way to shrink some Californians to a height of 20″ we might have something.

  2. 3 weeks ago there wasn’t enough snow on the ground in Tahoe to Ski. One week later they had avalanche warnings. That week end they had an avalanche hit a ski resort. Later that week they took they’re annual snow pack measurements. 42% of normal. We’ve had a couple good storm since then. Having one today. And it looks like at least 4 more stacked up out in the Pacific. By the time this is over California will have at least a normal snow pack.

  3. Spring won’t get here for another WEEK?!?!?! We’re all gonna DIE!!!!

    Wait, let me check my calendar … yup, first day of spring is next Tuesday.

    Never mind.

  4. We had some heavy flooding yesterday, it was quite a deluge. Lots of roads closed, people hydroplaning. Kind of rainy today. Saw a PT Cruiser slam into a telephone/electric pole shearing it in half! We got out of the way on that one with wires dangling. N. California is getting a late winter! No complaints!

  5. Pelopidas March 14, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Did Gov Moonbeam get that Orville damn all fixed up?

    Nope! Due to the lack of maintenance the past 50 years, FEMA does not give money to those kinds of failures. According to the Forensic Report that recently came out, DWR failed in so many ways to maintain the spillway. Washing off the pigeon poop on the gates once a year is not maintenance, nor installing a fake hawk noise maker on the gates warrants a maintenance pass. But, we got that bullet train to no where going for us with billions of dollars in budget over runs – just like Oroville Dam.

  6. The rational person would see this as good news. The liberal douche see’s this as a thwart against their global warming claims.

  7. Goldenfoxx

    I thought I read there was a Southern California Water District that was responsible for the maintenance of that damn. Is that true?

  8. Goldenfox, can you make the bullshit train a freight train as well. Maybe truck snow and water where it is needed? Pipelines and reservoirs are so yesterday.

  9. Snow everywhere and Southern California essentially had no winter, exept for 1 week in Febraury.
    We went from Fall To Spring with no real cold snaps… Somethings up guy’s !

  10. “Snow everywhere and Southern California essentially had no winter, exept for 1 week in Febraury.”

    The Trump administration is just drying it out for the next big inferno.

  11. The snow in the lower 48 is caused by Arctic warming, which, of course, is caused by global warming. When are you people gonna learn? The science is settled!

  12. The Arctic has had a warm winter, however. They say it melts off completely during an ice age. Of course, an ice age would be caused by global warming – so the science is still settled. So, vote for Democrats!

  13. @Bad Brad, last I heard So. CA told DWR they aren’t forking any money over. The RCC (roller compacted cement) is being laid at the bottom of the emergency spillway, and more needs to be added to the existing SW. The work Kiewit did was only a patch to get them through this winter. The budget has doubled, it’s now over $1 billion to repair. You can view the worksite at the dam. Google oroville dam spillway cam. There’s 4 cams of the area.

  14. @grayJohn: So what means water for the farmers, drinking water for millions of people, and no drought. That’s a big so what!

  15. Kali Mountain Progs crapping in the street will freeze their balls off thus saving untold future generations from their mutant genetics. It’s all good.


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