Update on Keaton Jones – The Tennessee Boy Bullied By Classmates

The story of Keaton Jones is taking an upswing. Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry have all seen his story and have offered him seats to concerts. Movie stars have invited him as a guest to premieres. And sports stars have reached out to lend support. I hope Keaton can successfully leverage this moment to his advantage and have his peers see him differently and give him the chance he absolutely deserves.

If Keaton somehow sees this, which is implausible now that his dance card is full, I want to say that in no way was my response to his story a pity response, and I doubt the celebrities are doing it for that reason either.

This Keaton kid was so thoughtful, smart and strong in how he was taking the long view of his current station in life, I was impressed, and not at all filled with sympathy. It was more like I was witnessing an injustice. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this kid? We’ve seen similar videos, but none penetrated the apathy fabric that insulates us from action like this guy, and not because he was a tragic figure, it was because he was such a sensitive communicator.

I think big things are going to happen for this guy.


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  1. You did not illicit pity by sharing his video. You showed us the absolute courage of a well-spoken young man.

    He reminded me of President Trump, himself a victim of relentless bullying, who has taught America that we don’t have to get nasty, we just need to speak up, tell the truth about the bullies, and reach out to others like us.

    The spirit Keaton Jones displayed, the ability to say it simply, the cut-to-the-bone honesty, even the emotion; all are traits that America loves in President Trump, and Keaton will go far in his life, maybe even to the White House!

    Thank you, Big Fur, for sharing Keaton Jones with us, the people who do not use social networks.

  2. They made fun of him saying he had no friends.
    Now his friends are all sports, movie, and music stars.
    Americans root for the underdog.
    One instance where social media did something good.

  3. I saw the vid for the first time this morning. Keaton’s eloquence, thoughtful observation, and sheer honest openness impressed me to no end. He’s going to be a world shaker.

  4. I thank you for bringing my attention to that story. I’ll continue praying for that boy and everyone who is being bullied and persecuted because of their looks, beliefs, etc.

    Unfortunately, I think that celebrities got involved only to turn this into something political. They’ll use it as a way of saying that “this is an example of Trump’s era, and we are showing that they are better than him.”
    Hopefully that Keaton and his family will be protected against all evil that is Hollywood and what they represent.

  5. Sooooooo Happy the way this played out, courages guy. Breaks my heart when bully victims commit suicide. Hope he’s a role model for other kids. If he saved one life. God Bless him.

  6. Oh goodie, the Hollywood morality police have come to save the day. Thankfully, real Americans will also be there.

  7. I saw a segment about this young man on the TV this morning. I was at the gym, so I didn’t hear the commentary. However, it was ironic that they featured a tweet from Mark Hamill decrying bullies and explaining blah, blah about bullying. Ironic because Hamill and his wife tried their hardest to bully the woman carrying their grandchild into an abortion.

    I’m very glad this boy is receiving positive attention. They look in his eyes in that video absolutely breaks my heart.

  8. Don Trump Jr. has offered to host Keaton and family if that take up Dana Whites offer to visit UFC Headquarters for tour. MAGA.

  9. While the stars are coming out of the wood work to help Keaton, I want to see a video of Navy Seals in full gear show up to the school and have a talk with those who bullied Keaton. I want to see the Superintendent of Schools, the Principal, and the parents of the bullies get a lesson on what their brats are doing to other students. but most of all I want to see the brats beaten down and learn a lesson on what it’s like to be bullied and how they hurt people. Stuff like this lasts a lifetime. I had 2 in my life time, and I hope they are dead. No pity from me if they are.

  10. Don Jr. pays his way to a private UFC tutorial in combatives. Keaton returns to school and presents a certificate of such to the student body President and offers to train other victims. Victims respond en masse to the next incident and beat the living shit out of a budding psychopath. All is quiet and peaceful as Keaton graduates 12th grade and enters West Point now cleansed of communists and shitheads.

    Keaton grows up to be Special Forces Green Beret. Liberates the FUSA from a Democommunist takeover.

    De Oppresso Liber.

  11. This poor kids got anyone from a Hollywood Hussy inviting him to some Gayla event to a female MMA star volunteering to kick the shit out of everyone in the school save him.
    Mean while, there’s a ranked MMA guy that has his gym in Knoxville and has offered the kid free membership. The gym is supposedly real close to his home. By far his best option.

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