Update on Mystery Seeds


 Some of the mystery seeds appearing in packages sent to Americans from China have been identified by botanists at a federal agency, but officials still say you shouldn’t plant the seeds if you received them. The US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service says it has identified 14 types of plants that are a “mix of ornamental, fruit and vegetable, herb and weed species” including cabbage, hibiscus, lavender, mint, morning glory, mustard, rose, rosemary, and sage, the New York Times reports. The unsolicited packages have also been mailed to addresses in Australia, Canada, and the European Union. While “obviously planting rosemary or thyme in your garden isn’t something that will endanger our environment,” one expert explains, “there may be other things in there that have not been identified yet.”

One Arkansas man who received the seeds alongside some seeds he actually did order says he went ahead and planted them, and what ended up growing is “really pretty” and resembles “a giant squash plant.” But officials are coming to dig it up, as well as collect another unsolicited (and as yet unopened) package the man received.


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  1. What could possible go wrong? This is getting into sci fi movie territory like The Andromeda Strain, The invasion Of The Body Snatchers, The Day of The Triffids, Little Shop Of Horrors etc.

  2. Chicoms, you have to admit the little bastards will try just about anything.

    They coordinated with the global cabal to become the world’s biggest economy but they bet on the wrong horse.

    All of their evil plans are backfiring in spectacular fashion.

  3. it is a scam , packages sent say ear rings , or bracelets , the seeds just bulk the packages weigh nothing and cost little , , the senders then put out fake customer likes , when others order they schimm their credit card and address details details

  4. Actually, it’s even worse than being reported. The U.S. Postal service is actually given the Chi-Coms a discount on the cost of mailing these stupid things. It’s a legacy thing from years ago that’s never been rectified, and they’re taking full advantage of it.

  5. Why would anyone plant anything that comes from China?
    Do these people not pay attention to all the lead painted toys and dog toys? Do they not pay attention to the diseases China sends over?
    These fools probably only watch mainstream propaganda and think China is a lovely place that only wants the world to be full of love.

  6. @Cisco Kid “All of their evil plans are backfiring in spectacular fashion”

    And their damned dam ain’t looking so good either. Maybe they’re sending us seeds to plant so we can feed them when the dam bursts and wipes out their farmland. They already can’t produce enough food for their people, and have to import an obscene amount to avoid famine.

  7. MJA, Roundup in a spray bottle, early and as needed. Just target carefully. The trick is to get it before it climbs.

  8. Thirdtwin- When I lived in CA, I planted them and figured they wouldn’t grow because the soil was heavy clay. Shit. I was wrong. I tried to box them into a corner because the garden was only 2 feet by 12 feet and after a while I dug it up. Or that’s what I thought. I was scooping seeds out for a week! lol.

    The one thing I wanted to spread like a weed was its cousin, the Moonflower. I got one vine to grown a few feet and then it dried out. I think it only has 30% sprout rate. I gave up after the 40th try.


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