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Update on NY’s “Case” Against Trump

TownHall: The Manhattan grand jury weighing an indictment against former President Donald Trump has reportedly scheduled testimony from another witness on Wednesday, pushing off any decision and delaying a potential indictment against the 45th president, despite Trump’s speculation about his own indictment and arrest “on Tuesday.”  more

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  1. This country needs a true leader, and pretty damn soon.

  2. They are having all of these last minute witnesses to give the DA a way of backing away from this fiasco now that his handlers finally realize the whole thing will blow up on them like an exploding cigar.

    The DA may be a Soros shill but he does have to work with Democrats who want their political careers to continue. They are smart enough to realize that many life-long Democrat voters are totally disgusted with the Moron-in-Chief.

  3. The news is all over the place, saying he will be indicted tomorrow but won’t appear before a judge until next week.
    Trump should go on vacation to a non-extraditing country and play golf for two weeks.
    Tell that coon to shove it until Trump is damned good and ready to appear.

  4. All part of the plan, make him sweat & see how nervous norvus he gets. Then Bragg essentially gave the middle finger🖕 to the gop house, hilarious. They have pretty much no say over state charges, really pisses them off.
    They’ll be cry’n like 5yr oles any minute now. 😭🤣

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  6. Another first for Donny. 1st ex-President to ever be indicted after leaving office.

  7. I am sure that a blue city grand jury will be fair in this case. Hah.

  8. They are now scared that this is a wrong move and they are getting major push-back from above…Basically, how can we walk this back?

    I have the answer, impeach Bragg.

  9. The narrow minded DA and other Dems now know they’ve stepped in a pile. Certainly they didn’t reach this conclusion on their own because they’re not that smart. Compulsive behavior and emotion makes for poor decision making. As usual, they’ll look like the fools that they are. How fitting.

  10. Just think what would have happened if President Trump hadn’t announced it on Saturday. They would have been able to pull another “surprise” visit to Mara Lago and had a wonderful time perp walking him in front of a zillion news crews who would have been told to be there.
    Their plan was either counting on MAGA to collapse from losing our leader or for protests to rise up all across the country, which they would have infiltrated with more antifa goons and fbi plants to give the perception of a “revolution” which they would have used to justify taking away everyone’s guns.

  11. Oh please keep telling yourself that.This is all going to the plan. His followers haExactly my thoughts too, one can be too safe, that last wave of the virus is still around & very catchy. ve had time to take it all in & calm down. We have had intelligence gathering & access the situation.

  12. Corrected. Oh please keep telling yourself that.This is all going to the plan. His followers had time to take it all in & calm down. We have had time for intelligence gathering & accessing the situation.

  13. NYC decided this was a good way to boost tourism.

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