Update on the “Central Park Karen” situation

Central Park Karen ARRESTED & CHARGED? Viva Frei Vlawg.

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  1. It just got interesting.

    It’s a good video. Good info.
    I had heard she was afraid he was going to hurt her dog but I never got details from left media.

  2. Society would be better off with out BOTH Coopers, but, trying to lure her dog away in the first place deserves an ass kicking. Then to find out he’s carrying around dog biscuits for that purpose. He’s as fxcked up as she is.

  3. That was clearly a threat to harm her dog. Yes the woman was hysterical but being alone with this creep gave her reason for concern.
    Why was this asshole making demands, issuing orders to someone in the park in the first place. He was carrying dog treat and seeking a confrontation from the start.

    I pity this woman for what’s happened to her and that “birdwatcher” is a fucking asshole that needs to get a thumping.

  4. Day 2 it came out that he threatened the dog on his own blog/media.

    However, It did not fit the narrative.

    I am Glad Viva mentioned this, although he was not the first.

    He threatened her.

    The “new style” coppers again are being their own worst enemy.

    An old time vet would have told her to relax and the bird watcher to be careful how he speaks because his words could have been considered a threat. In other words, ” fuck off & grow up!

    But now days Coppers go to diversity college to get de-educated before being hired.

  5. I saw the entire video when it first came out. I also read the guy’s account where he admits trying to lure the dog.
    The guy saw his chance to become a facebook/twitter/youtube piece of attention bait to get famous.
    It’s ridiculous what has been done to this woman’s life.

  6. WOW! Viva Frei Vlawg is good. He had all the facts and made us look at all sides of the story. I just told Ghost yesterday I think this woman has been through enough. She screwed up with having her dog off the leash. That is why she freaked out when she realized he was videoing her. I didn’t realize he tried to lore her dog to scare her. ENOUGH! If this is the biggest crime the city has to worry about, which we all know is a joke, just let the charges drop. They both screwed up and she paid for it by losing her job and dog and having to get the dog back and now being arrested. He lost because now the “bad” lime light is on him to press charges and cooperate. I’ve see Central Park Karen’s for over 35 years while working in Manhattan. It’s all about them and their wants and needs. She needed to keep the dog off the leash because the dog likes to be free and she likes doing what she wants, without getting busted which she did. Oh, I heard an interesting take on the radio, chivalry is dead. By this guy trapping this woman knowing she was wrong for not having her dog on least but for humiliating her. The radio commentator said this guy was NO gentleman.

    God Bless us all!!

  7. I’d say she’s learned her lesson but I’m not stupid.

    If this was anyone else, she would be part of the mob piling on.

    Everyone sucks in this story.

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