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Update on the Ted Rall Saga (Rall is the jerk who mocked Pat Tillman, the fallen soldier who turned down an NFL contract to volunteer in Iraq.)

Rall was fired as a cartoonist for the LA Times after it was revealed that a story Rall told for years, that he was roughed up and treated badly by an LA cop, was a complete fabrication. Rall used this story in order to gain entrance into the exclusive club of the oppressed. He had a story to tell around the #KillAllCops campfire.

Rall said he was handcuffed and pushed around and a crowd gathered and started yelling at the cop because of the brutality and that when the event was over the cop tossed his wallet in the sewer.

Sounds absolutely barbaric.

But, much to Rall’s chagrin, the highly professional Officer Will Durr provided an audio tape of the stop (yes, he had this audio for 14 years) and it was completely uneventful. You do not hear any tension or rough treatment. You hear Durr asking Rall to hand him his license and then asking him to sign the ticket, indicating that Rall was not in cuffs. You do not hear Rall complain that his wallet is in the sewer. What you do hear is Rall asking the officer if he knows of any good restaurants in the area, the most damning part of the audio tape.

Rall claims he did this because he was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, a condition that usually happens to kidnap and/or rape victims. (Yes, Rall actually used the words “like a rape victim.” This is how demented this pr!ck is.)

Well, after Rall was justifiably fired, and then excoriated by the online community, Rall claims to have had the audio enhanced, and now we can all “clearly hear” a woman say that the cop should take off Rall’s handcuffs.

You can’t hear it. If you can you are Spiderman. Rall, and his 3 or 4 sycophants, are delusional.

But that’s not the punch line to this update. Nope.

Rall says that Durr said he NEVER uses handcuffs (a ridiculous claim by Rall. No cop would ever say this.) But Ted has unearthed a story in the LA Times where Durr has a detainee in cuffs, proving he is a liar!! And Rall wants his job back based on this Perry Mason moment!

Was this a jaywalker? No. It was a suspected street racer. The LAPD has formed a task force in order to crack down on these dangerous drivers. Task forces tend to cuff detainees as part of the pageantry, showing the potential racers that they mean business, but this is lost on Ted Rall.

In the article Officer Durr is sarcastic to the detained driver, which Rall claims is a vindication. (Had Rall charged the officer with sarcasm from the very beginning, maybe Rall would have a case. But he didn’t. He charged the cop with brutality. Maybe sarcasm, to the effete Rall, is brutality??)

Have I gotten to the punch line yet? No.

Here it is.

Officer Will Durr is BLACK!!!

Why does that matter? Because now we might be at the heart of why Rall was fired.

Durr being black does not fit the progressive LA Times’ narrative.

Rall was most likely fired for being clueless. If you’re going to gore an ox, make sure it’s the white ox, jackass.

Live by the progressive sword, die by the progressive sword.

Now go away, cupcake.




6 Comments on Update on the Ted Rall Saga (Rall is the jerk who mocked Pat Tillman, the fallen soldier who turned down an NFL contract to volunteer in Iraq.)

  1. Golly it’s just amazing how many of these “i’m being oppressed” stories from the left are absolute fabrications. What’s more amazing, and very sad, is that no matter how many Tawana Brawleys, no matter how many lesbian waitresses allegedly stiffed on a tip, no matter how many Travon Martins, no matter how many Leah Dunhams, no matter how many Michael Browns, no matter how many Kerri Dunns (vandalized her own car with anti-semitic graffiti), no matter how many UVAs, no matter how many Oberlin Colleges, no matter how many Duke lacrosses, no matter how many Rachael Doezals, and no matter how many Ted Ralls, the default position of our media remains to first side with the accuser. Proof be damned, there is social justice to be done.

    If politics is indeed downstream from culture, we have an insane amount of paddling against the current ahead of us.

  2. There should be a heavy cost to pay for such trouble-making slander, especially at a time when so many cops are dieing because of agitated idiots.

  3. Ted is such a beta male, I bet he got at least one swirly when he was in middle or high school.

  4. Guy should have been fired for drawing shitty cartoons.

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