Update on the White House barricade crasher

DANGEROUS: A woman taken into custody after driving her car into a White House barricade claims President Trump is her fiancée.

Law enforcement believes the crash was purposeful, but isn’t saying whether the president or White House was targeted, reports Fox News. Secret service has explained 35 year old Jessica Ford of La Vergene, Tennessee was the driver and is mentally unstable.

“The Secret Service has had previous encounters with the female in the vicinity of the White House resulting in numerous arrests for a variety of criminal violations,” a statement read.


Appearing in court Saturday, Ford has been charged with three felonies, two of which carry a maximum sentence of 20 years each, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.

On Saturday, Ford kept screaming “I want my kids back. I want my kids back.” According to court documents the Tennessean told officers she was going to the White House to visit her husband named James Burris, who she claimed lived there.

In court, she then said she was going to visit her fiancée, President Trump.  MORE HERE

24 Comments on Update on the White House barricade crasher

  1. The British tabloids reported this incident as a “Crazed woman with a religious bumper sticker on her car”
    The sticker was an American flag with the word “pray”.
    I wonder if the would have mentioned the sticker if it were a “Coexist” or Hillary decal?

  2. “… is mentally unstable.”

    But can she purchase a fully-automatic (by use of the magic button) AR (Assault Rifle) -15?
    Is she a card-carrying NRA member?
    Registered Republican?
    Related to Gerald or Harrison or Harold?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Wait, a security barricade, similar in nature to a security border wall stopped someone from entering a secure area?

    But, but, couldn’t she have simply flown over, dug under, or teleport across? Get 84 Lumber to install a door for her?

    I’m curious what made this barricade successful. Maybe we should make a list of how it was successful and submit it to the wall deniers.

  4. Okay, there is a one glaring flag. Numerous arrests, mentally unstable to get released each time. Play book for another tragedy to be exploited.

  5. Now if you are paying attention you can see what the problem is. “Numerous arrests of the female” and the sons of bitches let her go every time. Catch and release means something different to LE.

  6. That pussy michael wolff must feel so vindicated right about now. He will say this proves his claim of a Trump affair.

  7. When Obama was president they cured this type of mental illness thereby ending any future WH barricade crashing by the same person. They shot and killed them. For some reason they never promoted this as a feature of Obamacare.


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