Updates From Texas School Shooting – IOTW Report

Updates From Texas School Shooting

CTH: Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez Explains Law Enforcement Waited One Hour to Enter Uvalde School Because They Were Afraid of Being Shot.

Gunman Fired Outside School for Twelve Minutes, Federal Marshals Blocked Frantic Parents From School Before Shooting Started.

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  1. …I’m trying to imagine what my Chief would have said and done to ME had I refused to do a rescue because the fire might burn me…

  2. “Gunman Fired Outside School for Twelve Minutes, Federal Marshals Blocked Frantic Parents From School Before Shooting Started.”

    …next up: “He wouldn’t have started shooting if the parents hadn’t skeered him. They ALL need to go to January 6th jail forever as the state markets…I mean, raises their remaining kids.”

  3. Just what, exactly, is the point in having police if all they are going to do in a situation like that is sit on their sorry asses and wait for the shooter to run out of ammo?

  4. …those men were trained, equipped, paid, armed, kitted out, and prepared in every way humanly possible to use force in defense of life.

    If you’re afraid of getting shot, choose a different career, maybe interior design, where being shot at isn’t part of the JOB DESCRIPTION before anyone wastes money on all that.

  5. There’s a new one. “Shooter had tactical advantage the entire time”.
    My aching head. Is this guy really in Law Enforcement? Dear Moron, he had Tactical advantage because you FAILED TO TAKE IT FROM HIM. In fact, nobody tried. If these people are for real they need fired pronto.

  6. Who’s the teacher that propped open the door? We need to know that……were they wearing khakis, a wife beater shirt, Wayfarer sunglasses and a $500 dollar watch?…..I’ll pass the tin foil hat back to Brad….

  7. why does this situation present itself so many times these days? cops have become merely ‘crowd control’ … just think if firefighters did this?

    why is it that firefighters, EMT personnel go into burning death-traps to rescue people, even their pets but, cops can’t overpower a lone teen-aged transvestite w/ little to no firearm training?

    … & all the firefighters in my county are volunteers!

  8. Compare and contrast.

    I was at a small town PRCA rodeo and a two thousand pound bull jumped the rail and into the stands. Every able bodied man and teenage boy rushed the bull as the women grabbed the kids and headed for the tall grass. I was coming from the snack bar when it went down. That’s what real men do.

    I had the best seat in the house to watch it go down and I didn’t see one man or teenage boy hesitate.
    Not one. Their constitution simply would not allow that as an option.

  9. I read that a court somewhere ruled that the police don’t actually have to defend you. Which means all they are good for (in some cases) is to take witness reports and draw little chalk outlines around your body. If that is the case then we should all be armed.

  10. Gov Abbot and other members of his administration have got to get the truth out of LE about who ordered the standdown and why.

    I read Abbot is furious so are the rest of us.

    I’m also very suspicious about the timing – 4 days before the NRA convention. The liberals are all riled up by the media and crooked politicians and will now be hell-bent on trying to take our guns.

    If they succeed, the end result of the Uvalde shooting will be the bigger tragedy.

  11. DavidW
    MAY 27, 2022 AT 8:10 PM
    “I read that a court somewhere ruled that the police don’t actually have to defend you.”

    ..sure, if your oath to God and your sense of duty mean nothing to you…I don’t even have a legal duty any more but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let someone die if it’s within my power to give them a chance, whatever the risk to me…I owe that to my Lord, not to any government, and I cannot fathom how anyone could even be ORDERED to stand idly by and not do what they were TRAINED to do, at the peak of their abilities, which is to protect life at ALL cost..

  12. This is what billions of dollars laundered through DC before finding its way back to the community in federal money accomplishes. Along with that money comes the type of hiring that results in a bunch of posers who are outfitted with the latest and greatest, but are unfit to accomplish the job.

  13. Anyone know if it was the LOCAL police who ordered the stand-down, or, the FED’S on the scene?

  14. Molon Labe and SNS,

    Given the ruling that Molon Labe provided above, then there should be tons of class action lawsuits against the various states that restrict gun ownership/possession precisely because the police have no duty to protect us.

  15. I’m just curious how Ms. Gomez was able to run in, find and bring out her 2 daughters, but no other children.

  16. Fire all the cowards and let them get jobs making flower arrangements or basket weaving where they’ll be safe. Nothing weaker than not going into the fight and stopping a mother from trying to save a child. Shame.

  17. The single and only reason police are paid at all is moments like this one. That is their only real time to earn their keep. These did not earn any part of their keep.

  18. The off duty border agent is a man of action. If he’s looking for a career in law enforcement, he just grabbed the brass ring.

  19. Some cops went in, but only to get their own kids. Then they dutifully went back to arresting parents who were trying to save their own kids.

    “Give up your guns. The police will protect you.”

    Yah… Sure… You betcha.

  20. Too manny things here dont add up…
    * A worthless, unemployable dipshit all of a sudden comes up with 4K to buy high end guns and ammo.
    * Said worthless, unemployable dipshit goes to the store and and buys them without questions.
    * Teacher props door open right before he shows up.
    * Cops show up but dont do anything for over an hour.
    * Cops lie their asses off to the governor about it.
    Too many co-inky dinks and things that make you go hmmm.

  21. I wouldn’t put it past democrats to orchestrate the deliberate slaughter of little Hispanic kids based on the utterly stupid assumption that it would swing the Hispanic vote back to democrats. That’s how insipidly evil these democrat cunts are.

  22. TheMule

    I think it’s about gun confiscation and an attempt to distract from what they’ve done to the economy. Which might work if you didn’t need to buy gas, groceries or pay rent. Not sure anybody else has noticed this but Dog Food just went through the roof. This was so poorly handled it had to be a False Flag.

  23. Why didn’t the police let the parents in? Because Texas is a Constitutional Carry state. Those parents may have been armed. They may have done something about the situation which would have 1) embarrassed the police for not taking action and 2) harmed the poor misunderstood little boy who did this.

    I cannot understand why the Border Patrol were the ones who stopped this carnage. That is not to say that I question their integrity. Rather, why is it that the Border Patrol, who has no jurisdiction in such matters, were the ones who acted to stop this?

    It is all part of the push to disarm honest citizens. But somehow, I don’t think “You need to be disarmed so the police, who will just stand by while children are slaughtered, will protect you” will convince many people.

  24. Reports now say that Chief Pete Arredondo of the Uvalde School District Police Department was the one in charge and who believed (based on what?!?) that all the kids were already dead so there was no hurry. At the time, there were close to 20 officers of one kind or another in the hallway outside the two classrooms, and nobody thought to tell them that there were still 911 calls coming from the surviving children begging for rescue.

    Words fail me.

    It was the BORTAC guys who, after being held back for a half hour, said in essence, “Screw this. We’re going in anyway.” God bless them.


  25. The George Floyd incident and the Uvalde massacre have nothing in common…nothing links them, not even the date. Floyd died on May 25 2020, the Uvalde shootings happened on May 24 2022.

    OK, if memory serves, on May 24 2021, Tank Abrams cut herself while shaving, two taxis collided in Manhattan, and a man bit a dog in Kansas City. All made the CNN evening news that day.

    Obama might as well have used those incidents to link to Uvalde to better effect. And only one year apart, not two.

  26. This horrific incident and the circumstantial debacle that’s included, follows a pattern. Whenever, there is an opportunity to focus on bringing the corrupt Xiden Admin. to possible justice, wars and rumors of wars pop up, a mass shooting occurs and zombie leftist protesters swarm cities.
    Truly suspect these “lone wolf” psychopaths are weaponized by the same source – the alphabet soup of rouge Fed agencies.
    If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice also, not only does this set the stage for gun confiscation of legal gun owners, but also proves that not even the Hispanic protected class – illegal or not is safe from the Marxist autocratic schemes of leftist oligarchy. Control is the left’s ecstasy.

  27. Uncle Al
    MAY 28, 2022 AT 12:04 AM
    “Reports now say that Chief Pete Arredondo of the Uvalde School District Police Department was the one in charge and who believed (based on what?!?) that all the kids were already dead so there was no hurry.”

    …what asshole thinking is THAT?

    Crazed amateur killers are not noted for their thoroughness, and children’s bodies are not like adult bodies, they are far more resilient but in ways that make quick treatment post trauma even MORE urgent. Kids have amazing vascular systems for example, they can constrict to a degree that can keep blood pressure up after volume loss in ways an adult cannot, so much so that vital signs are all but useless in kids because they’re pretty much fine with blood loss right up.until they’re dead, they don’t fade, they gork out all at once. You get to ’em quick tho, and they’re very salvageable and heal MUCH faster than adults. Also, kids are great hiders when confronted with stuff they don’t understand, can’t tell you how many I found under beds, in closets, even in tox boxes in a fire, so its not impossible in the chaos thst some hid in a closet or under a desk and didn’t get noticed right away, making it all the MORE urgent for the cops to get in there and DO THEIR DAMN JOBS before such kids get discovered. They are smaller than adults and way more flexible, so they fit in unlikely places a crazed dude may not look…until he has a calm moment and hears scared breathing.

    No excuses. The cops were either cowards or under orders. Given the quuck presence of Federal authorities from a corript Communist government that needed a diversion and an excuse for gun grabs, I’m going with the latter.

  28. Seriously, if there’s a move towards a gun grab from this by either our illegal President or Communist Congress, it’ll be a game changer pretty quickly, especially with summer coming on.

  29. “We cannot defend; we can only apprehend.”
    (former DC Police Chief)

    The SCROTUS has “ruled” that you have no right to defense.

    The fat-assed cops were sitting around eating donuts being afraid while children died – maybe defunding the police isn’t such a bad idea – THESE cops certainly didn’t earn their keep.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  30. Seems like the police are mostly in the way of citizens doing what needs to be done. Now they just protect people who burn, loot, and kill from any consequences, protect politicians who steal elections, and save harrassment, beatings, and jail for anyone who complains.

    I’ve know police, worked closely with police, broke bread with police, helped police and had police help me. They have been and can be a great force for good.

    But they have been ruined by political hires at the top ranks, hamstrung by liberal laws that make it just as likely that THEY will be jailed, neutered by liberal DAs who will not prosecte evil, bribed with pensions, had their best quit in frustration, and watered down with affirmative action hires that have drastically lowered standards while bringing third world ethos to the force. This seems to be greater the closer you get to the cities, but with federal takeovers and corrupt courts even the best rural sheriff can’t buck the tide for long.

    I’m not sure it’s possible for police to be a force for good any more. All they seem to do now is keep citizens from protecting themselves and their own.

    And I don’t know what can be done about that. I’m truly woried that can’t end in any way but tragedy.

  31. Texas, no guns allowed at the NRA convention, but schools not a problem.
    Shoot em up cowboys. Need more chicken-shit local police, who pee their panties, bunch of wussies. But of course who finally saved the day, the Feds. Shot that POS dead.

  32. @RandyD:

    But of course who finally saved the day, the Feds. Shot that POS dead.

    Very significantly, it was Feds reportedly ignoring the orders of the LEO in charge, Chief Pete Arredondo of the Uvalde School District Police Department.

  33. It almost seems like there was advanced planning not only from the bad guy but also the alleged good guys.

  34. @SNS May 28, 2022 at 9:31 am

    > watered down with affirmative action hires that have drastically lowered standards while bringing third world ethos to the force

    That is what rule by foreigners is. How do you expect a colony to be looted, for the benefit of it’s foreign rulers, if you allow the natives to rule?

    > And I don’t know what can be done about that.

    The plan (rolling along, quite nicely) is to exterminate the native herds. Replacing them with the foreign rulers’ preferred herd animals. Works a charm.

    Americans are good with that. Oh, I know, I know. They squeal “No! We’re not!”. But they oppose, violently, any attempt to stop it. Which tells you… what?

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